Smart Personalization and
Optimization in your CMS

With all your content and data connected in one CMS, accelerate improvement with personalization, analytics and optimization. All in one screen in Magnolia.



Highlighted benefits

Unified customer data

Track user behavior on any Magnolia touchpoint, make digital enrollment effortless with forms, and integrate your customer data platform to create create a 360-degree view of your customers.

Flexible personalization

Use your content pools and Magnolia’s capabilities to engage your audiences. Define segments and personas, and fully individualize experiences according to user profile and intent. 

Testing & optimization

Increase engagement with A/B testing and optimization. Configure experiments in Magnolia, and let the Google Analytics integration take care of distributing and analyzing the variants.

Marketing tags

Track performance with marketing tags. Create tags, place them on pages and manage all tags (i.e web analytics, third-party content, advertising network code snippets) in Magnolia.

Embedded analytics

Magnolia’s flexible UI brings analytics from external systems straight into the authoring interface. You can flexibly display the data and see metrics in context, tightly coupled to content. 

Search engine optimization

Magnolia’s powerful SEO module and integration with Siteimprove let you work with all aspects of SEO in one place. You get on-page diagnostics and recommendations to improve.


Blueprints for Deep Personalization

Personalization is the concept of creating and delivering experiences for users or customers that are tailored to their specific needs. This white paper delivers with five personalization blueprints that provide the foundation for building personalized customer experience.

Personalize and convert

Optimize in one workflow

Manual processes and switching between tools can't sustain a superior digital presence. Magnolia connects to Siteimprove Intelligence Platform so you'll have SEO management, accessibility monitoring, and content quality optimization at your fingertips.

See metrics in context

Magnolia's native analytics integration framework lets you take advantage of data directly in the authoring UI, coupled to content. You can use our connectors to Google Analytics or Matomo, or connect your preferred tools. 


Thanks to Magnolia and its features, our website’s visitors are now more likely to choose our offer because they receive relevant content and personalized information.

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Individualize experiences

Did someone visit a product page or add the product to cart? Keep users engaged with content recommended based on real time insights from their journey. See how in our brief.

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