Insurance: Successful with digital touchpoints

Learn how to deliver a new customer experience to insurance customers - and how a DXP can help you.

Increasing customer demands and high competitive pressure are a challenge for large insurance companies. Apps, guides, and web offerings have been part of the services customers expect from established insurers for years.

Today, the focus is on an entirely new customer experience: Established insurers need new formats to get in touch with customers regularly. In addition, their customers want a seamless customer experience across all digital channels. Digital touchpoints beyond policy signing, claim notification, and a customer experience without breaks require a powerful, technical setup. A digital experience platform (DXP) can help.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • The challenges large insurers face today
  • What customers expect from established insurance companies
  • How a DXP works
  • How you can create new digital customer experiences with a DXP and thus face the current challenges
  • How R+V Versicherung manages its more than 400 websites websites using an integrated DXP

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Magnolia for insurers

Consolidate and conquer with a digital experience platform (DXP).

A DXP will help established insurers build on their core strengths. With Magnolia, you’ll stay ahead and enhance every customer touchpoint.

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