Frankfurt School of Finance & Management excels with a new and dynamic website

Together with ICON Worldwide and Magnolia, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was able to optimize its web presence to the benefit of customers and authors.








At the top of European business universities

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is one of the leading economics universities in Europe and stands for excellent German performance in the field of management and finance education.

The educational institute's programs have an excellent reputation internationally, attracting top managers from all sectors. They needed a website to match that reputation, featuring a new design and functionality. 


The Challenge


Revamping the entire customer journey

Competition is hot in the education market. Bachelors, Masters, and management training courses are in high demand. Each type of training course has its own target group, and competition is different for each case.

Anyone wanting to train as a manager or land a top position in economics, finance, or management has a wealth of training modules to choose from. Consequently, finding the perfect fit is complicated and large amounts of site data indicate that course bookings are often lost.

For someone interested in finding training offerings, the customer journey typically looks like:

A search process based on a large volume of topics and data found on one or more websites. Lost time spent searching through extensive information since a considerable portion of programs and events display their content on separate pages. Difficulty keeping track of everything.

The Solution


Central and simplified content management

As a headless CMS, Magnolia was the ideal solution, providing central management of data which more than one hundred employees can access. The CMS offers a range of options for continuously improving and expanding the individual functionalities of the online presence. 

Modularity was key here, and Magnolia CMS offers many modules for expanding the functionality and performance of a website. A central module enables a large website to be split into several small ones.

The benefits of this procedure are obvious:

  • A uniform design despite the differences in content. The look and feel are consistent for the user, no matter which individual page they are on.

  • Content management is more intuitive and precise, making it much easier for creators and editors. 

  • Structured and modular work for the developers makes it possible to separate implementation and design clearly from one site to another.

Alongside the database aspects, the new website also required flexibility of design. Magnolia’s headless CMS was ideal for realizing this requirement together, providing a flexible design, lightning speed, and high data performance.

The Result


Responsive design and personalized user interfaces

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management unveiled in a fresh and dynamic design for their new website, which was optimized for all devices. No matter whether the user accesses the website from a smartphone or a stationary device, all information and functions remain perfect.

The mobile-first approach can now be seen on the pages of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and the online presence is a plus for employees too as new content such as events or seminars no longer has to be entered manually. Necessary details only need to be entered into a clearly defined template page so that this information can be reused again later.


Other benefits:

  • Page speed is tripled
  • Improved and personalized user interfaces, for example, with seminar suggestions based on previous history
  • Implementation of a multi-site search function
  • Dynamic content pages with seminar information which are addressed via an API
  • Consistent workflow for editors and content suppliers


Using Magnolia as a content management system has paid off for the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The improved quality of the website is also evident in search engine optimization. The university’s website is showing improved performance in terms of SEO across major search engines: more visitors, fewer bounces, an increase in leads, and more customers.

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