Beaphar + Magnolia


Beaphar + Magnolia

Magnolia’s visual SPA editor greatly reduces content editing time for our content managers from several Beaphar daughter companies. The modular web content component approach makes reusing content very easy, across borders and across brands.

Marlies Nijmeijer

Global Brand & Marketing Manager at Beaphar

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Founded over 80 years ago in the Netherlands, Beaphar manufactures pet pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and premium foods. The company provides high quality and accessible health, care, and nutrition products for pets and their families in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The challenge

An outdated and complicated platform

While Beaphar is headquartered in the Netherlands, their global presence meant they needed multiple regional websites to support their brand. The company’s previous CMS was over a decade old, and they started noticing bottlenecks when different teams wanted to edit content. An edit by a Beaphar team in one country would alter something on the page on other countries’ websites. Automatic system updates that disrupted existing workflows would also occur, plus a lot of downtime.

Beaphar wanted a CMS that would be easy for marketers to use, allowing them to launch multiple websites, and to highlight content and product information. The company also wanted the ability to integrate ecommerce capabilities for B2C and B2B in the future, in order to provide customers with a seamless experience. Moreover, Beaphar’s new CMS needed to be fast, provide an enhanced mobile experience, and offer better SEO features and structure.

The solution

A systsem that ticked all the boxes

In the initial phases, Beaphar considered three CMSs to see what would fit the bill. Magnolia was picked as the ideal solution for several reasons:

  • User-friendly and intuitive CMS
  • Visual SPA editor enabling content previews
  • Component-based page building with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Multisite management
  • User roles and permissions

Working in a system with over 2 dozen marketers, having the right roles and permissions was essential for Beaphar. The company could assign HR editing rights to the recruitment portion of the website tree without worrying that assigned editors would disrupt the product pages.

The team now leverages several Magnolia apps, including the Assets app, Categories app, Pages app, and others. Beaphar also fully benefits from Magnolia’s headless capabilities and integrated third-party systems into the platform, including InRiver PIM, Spotler for email automation, and Algolia for on-site search.

The result

Strengthened position as pet healthcare expert

Since implementing Magnolia as its CMS, Beaphar can provide more helpful content to its audience, thus strengthening its position as pet healthcare expert. Its website offers a more intuitive design, better interactivity, and better usability for both desktop and mobile users. Content managers have more flexibility, an improved SEO structure for enhanced performance on search results platforms, as well as a much lower risk of error or downtime.

Increased performance

The visual SPA editor enables fast and easy content publishing for marketers. As well, Magnolia’s multisite management allows for content reuse from one country’s website to another, improving the consistency of the Beaphar brand across borders. Herewith, the company launched its first sub-brand website, PrimeVal, on Magnolia beginning of 2023.

Overall Beaphar now enjoys:

  • Better overall traffic and increased time on site
  • Improved editor and developer happiness
  • Increased mobile usage
  • Better performance during peak traffic
  • Much quicker publication and distribution of content

A future-proof platform

With Magnolia’s headless CMS, Beaphar also has the necessary infrastructure to integrate a B2B portal and a B2C webshop into the website in the future. The rollout of the regional Beaphar websites on Magnolia is just the beginning, and the company plans on continuously analyze, refine and optimize the platform to provide the Beaphar teams and customers with the best possible service.