Magnolia partners Spryker to strengthen content commerce capabilities

Aug 29, 2018 | 08:25 AM

CMS vendor Magnolia and e-commerce operating system Spryker have entered a partnership to strengthen content commerce capabilities for global brands. The partnership reflects Magnolia’s ongoing focus on helping enterprises, including major retailers in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, increase revenues through e-commerce initiatives.

Global brands and companies can benefit from having a simple, streamlined and easy-to-use interface to create, manage and distribute all kinds of content from a single digital platform to multiple channels and touchpoints.

One of the cutting-edge e-commerce players today, Spryker helps businesses reach customers across all digital touchpoints. Spryker provides all functionalities for e-commerce without prescribing the components needed. Each functionality is decoupled, independently upgradeable, and can connect to any front-end or app via an API integration.

This fits neatly with Magnolia’s flexibility and integration strengths. Magnolia’s open source framework and modular architecture allows for easy integrations with systems for commerce, PIM, CRM and analytics. Its rich set of customization and integration points enables headless, headed or hybrid scenarios. This gives businesses the flexibility to deliver engaging digital experiences on every channel.

“The partnership between Magnolia and Spryker is a timely addition for global brands looking to be agile, to go to market fast and to have unlimited scalability,” said Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin. “Spryker connects the commerce functions that businesses require on all touchpoints; Magnolia complements that approach by feeding the content needed to create great digital experiences at all stages of the customer journey.”

Magnolia and Spryker will be showcasing these combined content and commerce capabilities at the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO) from September 12 to 13, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Meet us at the Spryker Plaza in hall 7.1, stand C-021-E-024 at the Koelnmesse. See more on Magnolia at DMEXCO.

About Spryker

The operating system Spryker Commerce OS is a cutting-edge e-commerce solution provider that helps companies to reach their customers across all digital touchpoints: online shop, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, blockchain, chatbot and voice integrations.

About Magnolia

Magnolia CMS is a platform for building best-of-breed digital experiences. Enterprises such as Avis, Generali, Tesco and the New York Times use it as a central hub for their web, mobile and DX initiatives. Magnolia is a privately-held company, founded in 1997, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and subsidiaries around the globe.