Magnolia announces new 6.2 release, with first ever headless digital experience hub

Apr 2, 2020 | 11:00 AM

Brands today are expected to deliver personalized customer experiences across ever changing touchpoints. But content that is siloed, integrations that are cumbersome, and lack of practitioner tools for new, emerging channels pose tremendous challenges.

A new breed of headless content management solutions promised a more agile way for brands to react to these challenges. But in doing so, they are limiting marketers and content authors. When it comes to crafting experiences - not just managing content - marketers need autonomy to create layout, streamlined workflows across the multitude of tools and data sources, and in-context preview of the experiences they create.

A headless digital experience hub is everything a basic headless solution isn’t.

Assemble experiences, instead of just entering content. Use all available data and content for personalization, no matter where it lives. Publish to any digital touchpoint - with full experience preview. All with the speed of a modern, lightweight and API-centric platform, deployed wherever you need.

With its most recent product release, Magnolia takes managing experiences in headless and omnichannel context to the next level: 

Marketers can create compelling front-end experiences with Single-page Apps (SPAs). SPAs have been gaining traction, but with the typical headless CMS, marketers work in forms, disconnected from the actual experience they are creating. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor lets them reuse content across channels and digital touchpoints, while maintaining autonomy for creating and editing all layout and content, and previewing any experience in-context.

Marketers can also curate collections of content and data from external sources - no programming required. Typical headless solutions act as a single content repository. More than a headless content hub, Magnolia’s Multisource feature allows for dynamic integration of multiple content repositories, transforming content silos into valuable content networks, and giving marketers a single access point to all available content and data so much needed for personalization.

At Magnolia, we believe that the one-size-fits-all approach of suite vendors limits marketers in building digital platforms that are fit for purpose and fully tailored to their needs. So with our open platform we enable customers to choose the exact systems they need, and help them accelerate integration via Connector Packs Connector Packs. New connectors to Salesforce Marketing and Commerce Clouds, Marketo, Adobe Analytics and more enable marketers to get out-of-the-box integrations to industry leading marketing technology and create the personal experiences their customers expect, with seamless workflows across these connected tools.

It’s here. It’s exciting. It’s finally headless that is great for marketers.

For more information about Magnolia and the launch of Magnolia 6.2, check our blog article or view the release notes.