Headless Magnolia training

This training is a one-day interactive course that aims to teach front-end developers with basic Magnolia Light Development experience how to build a simple React or Angular website as a Magnolia template and create REST endpoints to serve content from Magnolia.


Exciting news! We're working diligently to enhance the Magnolia Education Program to accommodate your schedule and needs better.

Stay on the lookout for our announcement in Summer 2023, where we'll introduce a brand new schedule and a more flexible and composable training structure. Stay tuned for updates on the latest developments.

If you need to get trained before then, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss options.

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Why attend this course

This course is for front-end developers or Magnolia template developers who would like to learn how to build a simple React or Angular site as a Magnolia template, and create multiple REST endpoints to serve content from Magnolia.

In this course, you will be creating tools that your authoring team will love, allowing them to have full What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) authoring experience with SPAs.

Knowledge requirements

Basic knowledge of Magnolia light development is required in this course.

  • Front-end developers who can work well with Terminal or Command Prompt
  • Web developers with basic knowledge of Magnolia light development
  • Front-end developers comfortable using React or Angular JavaScript framework editors


Technical requirements

  • Good HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Administrative privileges in the machine
  • Text editor (e.g., Visual Studio Code, Atom)
  • Internet connection
  • Microphone and camera access

Agenda (one day)

Delivery endpoint API, Security configuration, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), Nodes endpoint API, Commands endpoint API, SPA in light development, SPA to Magnolia connectors, Virtual URI mapping, SPA hosted outside Magnolia.


By the end of the day, attendees have created a SPA template managed through WYSIWYG Magnolia.


Currently, the Headless Magnolia training is a live, instructor-led training course delivered via video conferencing.

A tutor-involved lesson will take us a step further from learning from the docs. The Headless Magnolia training helped me build a strong foundation on the Magnolia Headless, Hybrid Headless concepts.
Subin Paul

Subin Paul

Software Engineer at AyataCommerce

AyataCommerce Logo
Magnolia can be challenging, as can learning any new software. However, Bartosz smoothly delivered concise explanations with examples, making the whole learning process much easier. Thanks!
Darren Sweeney

Darren Sweeney

Head Of Web Development at Cardif Pinnacle


The Trainer

Bartosz Staryga

Bartosz Staryga

Front-End Solution Architect & Headless Expert at Magnolia

Time and costs

Schedule: 1 day

Pricing: CHF 950- (excl. VAT)

The monthly scheduled training is provided in English via video conference.

Dates 2023

06 June

Distance learning options

Remote and Flexible

Flexible schedule for your team

Our trainers are ready to provide a group training session for your team on a schedule that works for you. 

Contact us for a flexible solution.

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