Magnolia consulting

On-demand assistance when you need it.


Our professional services approach

We provide on-demand assistance to help clients and partners throughout the project lifecycle, with specific Magnolia expertise and know-how. Here are some highlights:

  • We’re there from the start of your project until go-live and continuous delivery 
  • A dedicated CSM/Technical Account Manager working closely with each customer
  • Monthly and quarterly business review meetings 
  • Full lifecycle consulting services to support all this

Consulting services

Information architecture workshop

Work hands-on with a senior solution architect to organize content and functionality to ensure that your project is easy to understand and can be scaled. You will be able to create your own information architecture and utilize Magnolia to its full extent. 

Technical architecture workshop

Validate your integration patterns and discover best practices you can apply in your upcoming Magnolia project. A hands-on experience led by a senior solution architect helps you get a validated architecture related to your technical requirements. 

Guidance and assistance

Magnolia collaborates with your development team to explore any challenges and help find solutions to ensure project success. 

Project or code review

Receive a project review and code audit before or after the project lifecycle. A solutions architect will aid in validating the use of Magnolia best practices and other guidelines to guarantee the platform’s security, stability, sustainability, and forthcoming migrations.

Diagnostic services

Gather data about your system operations to optimize your content, cache, and rendering performance.

Subject matter expertise

Our consulting services target the following subject matter areas to help all users and stakeholders get the most out of Magnolia.

Information architecture

  • Transforming marketing strategy to content architecture
  • Content types modeling
  • Defining the editorial workflow
  • External content and data management


  • Building and maintaining websites in Magnolia
  • Working with content pools & DAM
  • Content reuse, multi-language, multi-channel & personalization
  • Task and workflow management


  • Campaign management
  • Omni-channel management 
  • Content optimization
  • Analytics, testing & data-driven content management
  • Marketing automation management

Technical architecture

  • Translating technical requirements to Magnolia Architecture
  • Magnolia extension hooks
  • Magnolia integration patterns
  • UI/IUX concepts & patterns
  • Fitting Magnolia tech stack to a system landscape

Front-end development

  • Template-based website development
  • SPA/Headless development
  • Content-type modeling & Apps
  • Using JS libraries to build custom apps 
  • REST integration 
  • Magnolia & Jamstack

Back-end development

  • Full-stack website development
  • Magnolia concepts and tool suite
  • Building Magnolia extensions & using connector frameworks
  • Workflow customizations
  • UI extension development 
  • Magnolia certified stack and architecture configurations

Magnolia best practices

  • Successful project implementation patterns
  • High availability and performant Magnolia blueprints & practices
  • Extensions & integration blueprints 
  • UI/IUX customizations 
  • Testing automation & tools
  • Operation and maintenance


  • Magnolia application & containerization
  • CI/CD tooling and practices 
  • Continuous deployment pipeline
  • Backup/Restore and cloning tooling and handling
  • Monitoring, logging, and tracing

Infrastructure & security

  • Operating a certified stack on private and Magnolia cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Roles, groups, and permissions
  • Security configuration & practices
  • Identity management & SSO
  • Multi-factor & PUR registration blueprints


Some offerings may be region-specific.
Contact your local CSM/TAM.

We are here to help

Magnolia provides on-demand assistance to help clients and partners throughout the project lifecycle, with specific Magnolia expertise and know-how.