Single-page Apps (SPA)

Create amazing customer experiences in headless projects. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor gives marketers the autonomy to edit all layout and content, and preview any SPA experience in-context. Just how they edit websites. 



Highlighted benefits

Compelling experiences

Single-page Apps (SPAs) allow marketers to create compelling experiences that increase visitor retention and engagement. Due to less full page reloads and a better overall performance, SPAs provide faster, more fluid and more engaging end-user experiences.

Creative control

Craft experiences, instead of just entering content. Marketers can edit the structure, layout and content of an SPA directly in the Magnolia Page Editor, with the ability to choose which components to place, where to place them, and what kind of layout to use.

Live preview

Marketers can preview the experience built with an SPA just as end users will see it. This way, they are not disconnected from the actual experience they’re supposed to create and can ensure it will engage and delight users as desired. 

Develop faster

Developers use the top-notch front-end technologies of their choice (such as React, Angular or Vue), and ship faster as designers and developers share one common set of templates.

Reduce costs

Lower your development and ongoing maintenance costs. By making the SPA editable, software development is only needed for the initial setup or for more significant changes, not for every layout change.

Stay on top

Use a SPA as your frontend to reap the benefits of the headless and microservice/SOA approach: flexibility to choose your own tools, better maintainability, less vendor lock-in, and faster turnaround time for experience creation.

Headless for marketers. It’s finally here.

An SPA editor empowers marketers

SPAs have been gaining traction, but with the typical headless CMS, marketers work in forms, disconnected from the actual experience they are creating. The Magnolia Visual SPA Editor lets them reuse content across channels and digital touchpoints, while maintaining autonomy for creating and editing all layout and content, and previewing any experience in-context. It’s here. It’s exciting. It’s finally an approach to headless that also empowers marketers. 

How it works in Magnolia

Front-end developers can quickly support SPAs in Magnolia, while continuing to build sites using familiar frameworks and tools the way they are used to. With the SPA Editor in Magnolia they can:

  • Visually edit SPAs directly in the Magnolia Page Editor
  • Use existing React / Angular components without modification
  • Create content editing dialogs for each component
  • Manage nested components
  • Manage a tree of pages
  • Manage interactive components

Magnolia Visual SPA Editor

Check our product brief for more details on how Single-page Apps can benefit your business, and how you can easily build, edit and maintain such apps with Magnolia.

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