Single Page Applications: The Go-to Guide for Marketers

Learn the key steps towards using Single Page Applications to boost revenue, improve speed and enhance Customer Experience.

Use Single Page Applications with Magnolia

Companies are increasingly adopting a headless approach to content management, which means marketers are having to deal with purely headless CMSs, a tool that was never really designed with non-technical users in mind.

Basic headless platforms empower developers, but they disconnect marketers from the end-user experience. So brands need to tear down the wall between marketers and end-users.

Download this free guide to find out how to overcome this challenge and to learn:

  • A non-technical explanation for SPAs
  • When it makes sense to use SPAs and when it doesn’t
  • The differences between SPAs, progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages
  • How to manage and optimize content for SPAs
  • The challenges of SPAs, SEO and personalization
  • How a visual SPA editor can tip the scales in your favour