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Streamline the communication and collaboration across the enterprise — both internally and externally — with your company portal or intranet.

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Leverage Magnolia’s users, groups, roles, and permissions based on Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JaaS) to ensure enterprise-grade authentication protocols for your portal or intranet. Easily integrate with a third-party authentication system like LDAP or CAS that already exists at your organization.


Use the Magnolia Security App to manage authentication and authorization using an intuitive user interface. Have further control over IP and HTTP permissions and cross-site filters security to prevent many of the most common security vulnerabilities with ease.


With the open architecture and various Connector Packs, Magnolia makes it straightforward to pull data from a wide range of systems and make it available via the portal or intranet. Break down the data silos and connect your eCommerce, marketing automation, CRM, and more with the CMS using out of the box Connector Packs, REST APIs, or other integration points.

User Experience

Create a compelling portal that provides customers or third-party vendors with intuitive self-service capabilities or an intranet that enables employees to retrieve the information they need to do their job efficiently. Design a responsive interface that works well wherever your users are — whether it’s a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or nearly anything else. 

Powerful Search

AI-powered search lets you find relevant information through the CMS — no matter where the content lives. That means your portal or intranet can act as a central hub for accessing company-wide information across a wide range of internal and external systems. Keep everyone — employees, third-party vendors, or customers — engaged and informed.


Scale easily in terms of performance, but also when it comes to a global web presence. Launch multiple portals or intranets for different regions, languages, or subsidiaries across the enterprise. Use innovative multilingual and multisite features to streamline the management of content from a centralized Magnolia instance.


Magnolia Security Features

Get our product brief for an overview of how Magnolia handles general application and cloud security concerns.

Portals & intranets for a multitude of end users

Make your internal information available to the right people through portals & intranets. 

  • Create a self-service portal for customers that reduces the reliance on customer service while improving the customer experience.
  • Build an intranet that enables employees to find documentation, training material, or company news that makes them better at their jobs.
  • Expose useful company information to third-party vendors via portals & intranets to forge better business relationships.

Using Magnolia, Slovenia’s Ministry of Public Administration was able to offer citizens an accessible eGovernment portal that makes it easy for citizens to find information and use services online. 


Enterprise-grade portals & intranets

Magnolia CMS is ready for the needs of enterprises. Leverage enterprise-grade security features for your portals and intranets, so only the right employees and third-parties access your company’s data. In addition, streamline the process of launching the systems by utilizing familiar enterprise technologies like Java and Spring.

The insurance company Hannoversche Lebensversicherung has developed a customer-oriented online platform with Magnolia. Integrated advice and contact functions ensure an optimal customer experience.

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Magnolia is very intuitive to operate and enables our editors to update content quickly. Plus, the CMS is extremely powerful, flexible and therefore perfectly suited for our ambitious platform.

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