How to Choose the Best Headless CMS

A comparative view of slim headless solutions and Magnolia CMS.

How to Choose the Best Headless CMS-mockup

Headless is here. But there are significant differences in what the headless CMS vendors provide.

In order to help you choose a solution, we at Magnolia have looked into the main reasons for going headless and compared how a project implementation looks with a slim headless CMS (such as Contentful, Contentstack, or Prismic) versus with a full-fledged CMS like Magnolia. 

What will you get: 

  • Suggestions on what to consider before embarking on the headless journey. 
  • How the different solutions compare in terms of: Technical Foundation, Authoring Experience, Platform and Key Features.
  • The full business case of implementing a project with Magnolia as compared to a slim headless CMS vendor.