Magnolia and AWS

Easily deploy the Magnolia DXP to Amazon’s flexible and secure cloud.


Leveraging AWS through the Magnolia PaaS

The Magnolia PaaS is a comprehensive solution that provides the Magnolia DXP application along with all the essential infrastructure and tools to run and manage the platform. Leverage the Magnolia PaaS on AWS Cloud to benefit from fast, flexible, and secure deployments while maintaining complete control and flexibility without the burden of infrastructure management.


Fast and flexible

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) deploys your Integration, UAT, and Production environments in minutes and provides instant scalability of compute nodes, allowing you to dynamically create testing environments. While Elastic Block Storage (EBS) offers fast storage for your content and configuration, Amazon S3 provides performant access to your digital assets.


High-performance experiences

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) efficiently distributes traffic among your public Magnolia instances, ensuring fast web experiences for the everyday load. EKS gives you the option to add additional resources to handle traffic spikes. Opting for a multi-region deployment across Amazon Availability Zones further boosts global performance.


Secure and efficient

ELB and multi-region deployments ensure high availability, while Amazon S3 securely stores environment backups for disaster recovery. Coupled with Amazon's security standards and Magnolia’s regular security and penetration tests, the Magnolia PaaS stands as an exceptionally secure deployment choice.

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