Cloud and Self-Hosted Deployment

Choose Magnolia’s Platform-as-a-Service for fast and easy deployment, or host your own Magnolia instances for maximum flexibility


Cloud (deployment) with a chance of sunshine

Fast and flexible deployment

Forget about managing infrastructure from the ground up and just use our platform’s pre-provisioned production and non-production environments with unlimited test instances, integrated CI/CD pipelines, and zero-downtime upgrades to make your deployments as smooth as possible.

High-performing experiences

Don’t make your customers wait for a page to load or for content to travel halfway around the world. Instead, deliver fast digital experiences to your customers anywhere, using globally distributed servers and networks as well as scaling to handle increased traffic during peak times.

Efficient and secure operations

Trust our platform’s highly available infrastructure and disaster recovery processes, as well as its 3rd-party-certified security concept, while staying in control of its operation including user management, feature deployments, and cost, using an intuitive self-service interface.

What you get with the Magnolia PaaS

Cloud infrastructure

Your platform includes an integration, a UAT, and a live environment out of the box, and developers can spin up as many feature environments as they need.

Load balancer and CDN

Each environment has a load balancer and your live environment also has a CDN for high availability and performance.

Continuous delivery

Accelerate and de-risk the release of new features and integrations using built-in CI/CD pipelines for Maven modules and low-code config.


Manage Magnolia efficiently using real-time monitoring, flexible resource allocation, logging and troubleshooting, and backup and recovery.

Hassle-free upgrades

Your subscription includes the latest and greatest version of Magnolia. Install it through the click of a button without any downtime.

Magnolia Cloud Features

Magnolia Cloud is the optimal solution for enterprises to deploy and manage Magnolia in the cloud. Download our feature catalog for an overview of the benefits, features and deployment strategies.

Cloud instances

The platform architecture consists of two Kubernetes clusters: a production and a non-production cluster. The non-production cluster hosts the integration and UAT environments as well as unlimited feature environments. Each environment has an author and a public instance as well as a load balancer. The production environment also benefits from an integrated CDN.

Magnolia Cloud Documentation

Magnolia Self-hosted

Magnolia is available as a software bundle certified for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This allows you to install it anywhere–on your computer, in your data center, or on your preferred cloud platform.

Containerization with Magnolia

Do you prefer to deploy Magnolia as a Docker container in your environment? In our white paper we share best practices helping you choose the right components for your Magnolia container, configure your container to start up automatically, containerize your content, and synchronize content across instances.

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