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Neontri (formerly Braintri) is a custom software development company based in Poland. With more than 10 years of industry experience as a brand and 300+ projects delivered, they can bring to the table outstanding knowledge regarding mobile apps, payments (responsible for end-to-end implementation of BLIK - Polish national payment scheme), big data and complex back-end projects. Regarding another worth mentioning project, the Warsaw-based company has successfully developed the biggest banking mobile app in the central-east region of Europe, with 7 000 000+ registered users as it stands near the end of 2022.

E-commerce-wise, Neontri was responsible for payment solutions for Decathlon, which has processed 1 500 000 EUR from clients' orders within the first 3 days from deployment.  Partnership with Magnolia gives both sides an excellent chance to expand their strengths to implement tailor-made e-commerce solutions from clients around the globe.


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