Straight-Talking Content Management Report

The quick-start guide to digital experience for straight-talking marketers and IT teams.

Straight-talking Content Management-mockup

Straight-talking Content Management Report

While both marketers and IT teams are keen to take ownership of the new digital experience landscape, there remains a significant disconnect between the two groups. While both have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, there is a language barrier between them. Marketing buzzwords and IT jargon have escalated this divide, with both sides desperate for a straight-talking solution for the new digital experience landscape.

Our in-depth industry research explores this divide, asking how straight-talking technology solutions can bridge the gap and build a better digital experience for everyone.

Download the white paper now to learn why...

  • 70% of IT professionals think they should own the digital experience
  • 1 in 3 marketers are frustrated by the speed of digital asset launches
  • 84% of marketers don’t understand the work of IT
  • 39% of IT teams don't know what ‘digital experience’ means
  • And why straight-talking CMS’ will save digital experience