The State of CMS

A research report that examines the current - and future - trends in content management

The State of CMS 2020 and Beyond-mockup

The State of CMS

The nature of content management is changing. Today, businesses don’t just want to upload content and hope for the best – they want to know that the assets they develop are hitting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Alongside these changing expectations, new technologies are also entering the fray. Today’s audiences are engaging across more devices than ever before, while personalization tools, digital experience platforms, and ‘headless’ technologies are altering the way that brands manage, distribute and deliver their content.

Our in-depth industry research explores this change, examining how the CMS industry is set to evolve in the new decade.

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  • How marketers plan to use content management in the future
  • Why 65% of IT teams prefer a headless CMS
  • The difference between a CMS and a DXP
  • Why 60% of marketers are frustrated by their current CMS
  • How Magnolia stacks up against the “market-leading” CMS brands