The State of CMS in the Retail Sector

The retail marketer’s guide to content management systems

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Following the Covid-19 crisis, more consumers than ever before are going online to buy their clothes, groceries and other retail essentials. For the world’s retail brands, the pressure is on. Those that prioritise positive, memorable digital experiences will thrive, and those that fail to address changing consumer needs will quickly fall behind.

In this new landscape, selecting the right digital and ecommerce tools is essential — and your CMS is no exception.

In this report, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting a CMS for your retail brand, calling on research from both marketers and IT professionals throughout the retail space.

Magnolia’s State of CMS in Retail report will help you understand:

  • How the world’s retail brands are using their CMS
  • What the key challenges are when selecting a CMS
  • What retail brands should look for in a new CMS
  • Why Tesco, Migros, Fendi and more trust Magnolia’s CMS

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