Performant Personalization: Delivering Blazingly Fast Personalized Experiences at Scale

Learn how businesses can build and deliver targeted offers by combining the best of their existing marketing stack, including content management, marketing automation, eCommerce, personalization, analytics, and more. 


Personalize Experiences at Scale with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

How brands interact with customers digitally has evolved since first-generation web content management systems. A growing number of data sources allow for new channels to expand those interactions, making them more frequent and complex.

With this, delivering personalized content is essential and critical for any B2B and B2C businesses. You can personalize promotions, product suggestions, and incentives to boost engagement and loyalty, but it’s no longer sufficient to just understand your customer’s data and apply the micro-segmentation that has been the norm in marketing for years. 

Many technologies fall short when it comes to unifying customer experiences on multiple channels – preventing marketers and developers from creating the ideal experiences for their customers. Today, it’s all about building targeted content and experiences at a much larger scale and pace: content creation and delivery that is aware of the channel, commerce, personalization, analytics, and more.

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  • The value of personalization and how a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can provide a better infrastructure for your next-level customer experience needs
  • How to combine the best of your marketing technology stacks into one complete unit
  • A step-by-step approach to implementing a hybrid solution architecture

This white paper is jointly brought to you by Magnolia and our Platinum partner Verticurl.

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This white paper is jointly brought to you by Magnolia
and our Platinum partner Verticurl.