More Success in
B2B Ecommerce

Find out how you can successfully meet the challenges of modern B2B commerce across teams - with the right CMS.

The B2B industry is becoming increasingly digital. Customers expect B2B companies to provide an informative and accommodating customer journey online, just as they do with private shopping. This poses major challenges for marketing and IT in these companies. 

So how can you meet those challenges? 

If you want to expand and optimize your digital presence, it is helpful to first evaluate the usefulness of your legacy systems — and if in doubt, part with them. Then, your online presence must be ideally adapted to your target groups on all channels. The best way to achieve this is with the perfect combination of content and commerce - combined with a robust CMS. 

Download our white paper and learn about...

  • The current challenges in B2B Ecommerce.
  • The crucial criteria for B2B marketers, IT, and developers when selecting new technologies.
  • What a CMS for B2B Ecommerce must be able to do and deliver (with checklists).
  • How Bechtle successfully built a Digital Experience Platform with Magnolia.