Omnichannel campaigns made easy


Learn how Magnolia's Campaign Manager lets you create and manage the entire customer experience of a targeted campaign in one place, without touching any code. The Campaign Manager enables marketers to create rich campaigns with WYSIWYG editing options, and use AI to generate assets on the fly. 

DXplained EP4 | Omnichannel campaigns made easy

About the Session

We will show you how Magnolia's Campaign Manager capabilities make it easy to manage multiple campaigns in one place without developer dependency. 

You will see how the Campaign Manager allows you to create unique customer experiences through personalization and time-based content, without having to duplicate work.

Join our Head of Group Consulting, Jan Schulte, for a demo of Magnolia's Campaign Manager and insights into best practices you can introduce today.

  • How to overcome challenges with managing multiple campaigns across various channels, languages, locales etc.
  • How to centralise the management of your campaigns to make changes in one place and push it everywhere you desire.
  • The efficiencies available using Campaign Manager that let you increase ROI and deliver compelling digital experiences to customers. 
  • Short business user and technical demo under the hood of Magnolia's Campaign Manager capabilities.
Jan Schulte

Jan Schulte

Head of Group Consulting, Magnolia