On-Demand Fireside Webinar:
How to Choose Your Next CMS/DXP

A fireside chat on what can make or break finding the right solution for your organization.

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Let Us Be Your Guide to CMS / DXP

Sharing a neutral point of view based on our understanding of the current market trends and alternatives.

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Why should you watch this fireside chat?

Finding the best content management system for your organization is key to meeting your customers’ expectations, your business goals, and keeping your teams happy. 

But that’s no easy feat. From your current tech setup and internal processes, to envisioning your business’ future, keeping up with trends, engaging with vendors and agencies, and managing stakeholder expectations—it’s a complex process, which will impact the success of your business over the years to come, and the daily life of your teams. 

Listen to Magnolia’s Topher Zimmerman and Jan Schulte, in this fireside chat with our guest customer, Lee Salter from Slimming World, moderated by our awesome Cass Weber. 

We provide a neutral point of view based on our understanding of the current market trends and alternatives, and many years of experience in working with organizations undergoing such a process. 

How to choose CMS_What will you learn

What will you learn?

How you can set yourself and your organization for success by:

  • Assessing the current and desired state for your digital experience
  • Knowing what to consider when going headless 
  • Taking the right decisions on hosting, operations and embracing the cloud 
  • Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts in an RFI/RFP 
  • Knowing what to expect and ask in a vendor/partner pitch
  • Successfully running a PoC (Proof of Concept)

Customer Expert

Our guest speaker Lee Salter, Web Development Team Manager at Slimming World, joins us on this fireside chat to share insights from their CMS selection journey.

Slimming World is a UK-based weight-loss organization that caters for men and women of all ages which was founded over 50 years ago. Its focus is predominantly weight loss and supports members to maintain a healthy weight once they reach their target. It operates through a network of 3,500 consultants and 250 staff across the country.



Lee Salter

Web Development Manager, Slimming World

Lee has been a development team manager for the last 5 years, managing a diverse team of front and back end developers in the Agile delivery of web-based software. His current project, for which Slimming World has chosen Magnolia, is a website for our Consultants that helps them to run their business and get the latest news and features from the business in a personalised manner.


Cass Weber

Professional Services Manager, Magnolia

Cass is a professional services manager at Magnolia, where she oversees services tasks and ensures a smooth and successful delivery. In addition, Cass enjoys hosting Magnolia webinars and virtual events.


Jan Schulte

Head of Group Consulting, Magnolia

Working at the intersection of business and technology, Jan helps Magnolia clients succeed with their content management and digital experience initiatives, framing solutions to their custom challenges and opportunities.


Christopher Zimmerman

Product Manager, Magnolia

Christopher is very much focused on developer experience. He helped introduce the ‘light development’ paradigm and is now focused on headless and integrations.

Used to backcountry camping in the US, he is slowly getting the hang of finding coffee and cake 3000 meters up in the Alps.