How to build custom integrations with Magnolia easily

On-demand webinar

Create an integration in as little as a few minutes using Magnolia’s low-code development techniques.


Enjoyable, efficient, and user-friendly digital experiences are seldomly built with one tool alone. Limiting yourself to one or a fixed set of tools means limiting yourself to its functionality. You can try, but you might soon find missing critical features to deliver your project.

Magnolia’s extensibility lets you compose a platform from the services that offer exactly what you need to build great digital experiences. You’ll never have to miss out on features again.

You can choose from many Magnolia connectors or build your own integration. Building your own can be as quick as a few minutes using Magnolia’s light integration techniques.

Watch our webinar to learn more about:

  • Different Magnolia integration options
  • Creating frontend integrations
  • Using the Magnolia REST Client

Host: Topher Zimmermann

DevDays contest: Build a winning integration

Showcase your talent and Magnolia’s extensibility by creating a new integration. Two submissions will win a GoPro HERO10.