Global content rollouts &
Live Copy

Thursday, 11 May 03:30-04:00 PM (CEST)

Learn how to best plan your global content strategy and multi-site setup, together with the right Magnolia tools to support them. We’ll show a demo and provide best practices and enablement on Live Copy - a powerful feature to manage multiple sites that share content with ease. 


About the session

Thursday, 11 May 03:30-04:00 PM (CEST)

In this DXplained webinar, we’ll discuss when and how to use key Magnolia features that support content rollouts and reuse across multiple sites, brands, languages and markets. 


We’ll also deep dive into Live Copy, a powerful tool to manage multi-site installations that share content without duplicating efforts, discussing the exact use cases when Live Copy is a great fit, as well as providing best practices.   


Join Magnolia’s product manager for author experience Laura Delnevo and senior solution architect Tobias Kerschbaum for a fireside chat and demo. 


  • Tobias Kerschbaum
    Tobias Kerschbaum Solution Architect, Magnolia
  • laura-delnevo
    Laura Delnevo Product Manager, Magnolia

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What you will learn?

  • How to assess your requirements and decide on your site structure  
  • When and how to use Magnolia’s Live Copy, Translations, Content apps, Campaign manager and Personalization capabilities to support your global content strategy 
  • How to best reuse content across your multiple websites, ensuring proper governance while providing the needed flexibility for localization  
  • Best practices and how to avoid pitfalls in using Magnolia’s Live Copy
DXplained Ep #5 | Global content rollouts & Live Copy