Content management for
mid-market & large enterprises

Manage all your content from one platform and deliver it to any screen or device, all at speeds you never thought possible.


Request a demo and find out what makes Magnolia the best CMS for enterprise needs:

  • Effortlessly deliver content to any front-end app, screen or device
  • More easily manage multi-site and multi-language experiences
  • Instantly plug Magnolia in to the rest of your martech stack with pre-built connectors
  • Get as granular as you want with your personalization efforts
  • Access and manage content from any of your repositories from within Magnolia
  • Create content quickly with the industry’s most intuitive visual user interface

Our CMS experts will tailor your demo to your organizational needs and requirements. That way you'll get the best possible idea if Magnolia is the right solution for your project.

Easy to use and effective

A slick modern UI, streamlined workflows across the CMS and all connected systems, along with out-of-the-box tools to create, plan and optimize experiences make Magnolia truly best-in-class for marketers and authors. 

Automation powered by AI makes tasks such as tagging, search and personalization even faster, scalable and more effective. 

Flexible and lightning fast

Magnolia is built on a highly flexible architecture, open standards and rich set of integration points. You get full flexibility to employ microservices and to deliver experiences with a headless approach, fully server-rendered or any combination.

Inspired by frontend development practices, our unique light-weight development approach brings the fastest possible time-to-value.

Build your fully tailored DXP

Assemble a flexible, yet durable DX stack with Magnolia at its core.

Powerful APIs and our unique Connector Packs accelerate integrations and bring all available content and data inside Magnolia—in one unified UI.