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Do you envision becoming a digital leader? More than 50 insurers and banks chose Magnolia CMS to achieve this. 

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Deliver a unified customer experience

The digital world is pushing finance businesses to better connect internal and external-facing channels and deliver more unified customer journeys. Visana, one of Switzerland's largest insurers, chose Magnolia as the most flexible solution to power its corporate website and collaborative intranet, becoming a digital service leader in health insurance. 

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Boost sales by 42% with personalization

Finance transactions are built on relationships. Magnolia lets Alior Bank personalize and target customers with the most relevant content and offerings. Alior Bank's website relaunch with Magnolia resulted in remarkable KPIs: 54% increase in organic search traffic, 46% increase in mobile traffic and an outstanding boost of 42% in online loan sales.

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Features for profitable sales

Maximize sales with personalization

Turn visitors into buyers: define segments and personas, adapt content to visitors according to their preferences and behavior, and target buyers with tailored offers.

Easily set up and optimize campaigns

Rapidly set up, A/B test and optimize landing pages, microsites and campaigns. You can re-use existing content and manage all campaign elements in one place.

Increase traffic with SEO

Boost your organic traffic with built-in best practices for on-page search optimization at various levels in Magnolia: code, page URLs, content, assets and more.

Boost productivity with easy authoring

Magnolia lets you build complete web pages in an intuitive fashion. Select the components you need, configure them as you wish, and place them where you want.

Create once, publish everywhere

Whether your content is an image asset, a teaser for a campaign, or a unit of structured content like a product, you only need to maintain it in one place.

Enhance governance and compliance

Define content ownership and roles, and make governance processes easier and more predictable with previews of content, features and robust workflows. 


Thanks to Magnolia and its features, our website’s visitors are now more likely to choose our offer because they receive relevant content and personalized information.

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A solid technology foundation

Safe and secure

Magnolia's role-based security, single sign-on (SSO) and decoupled author and public servers provide you with the highest levels of security for content and customer data. Not a single penetration test failed, ever.


Leverage your existing technology investments and stay open for the future with Magnolia's rich set of integration and customization points, open-suite model and flexible UI.

Cloud friendly

Magnolia is compatible with any cloud infrastructure. For increased agility and speed, you can go for Magnolia Cloud, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.

Federated multi-tenancy

With Magnolia's multi-site, multi-language and multi-tenancy capabilities, you can centrally manage your network of franchises, country sites or subsidiary websites, while maintaining flexibility to support each brand or local market.

Microservices integration

Magnolia's strong integration capabilities, combined with powerful REST API give you full flexibility for integrating microservices. Be a leader and deliver powerful digital experiences and services backed by your microservice architecture.


Magnolia’s ease of customization and integration possibilities enabled us to extend Magnolia with new features like an external search engine and integrate it with the bank’s systems.

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Transform your customers' digital experience


Learn how to get the most out of your CMS deployment in the cloud, from our partners AWS and Priocept.


See how our partner Tinext built a high-quality user experience for Groupe Mutuel with Magnolia.

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