La Tagliatella + Magnolia


La Tagliatella + Magnolia

La Tagliatella redesigns its web experience with Magnolia.


A fully integrated experience

La Tagliatella is a chain of franchise restaurants and part of Grupo AmRest Holding SE (AmRest, WSE). AmRest is the largest restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 2000 restaurants in the Casual Dining and Quick Service categories.

However, La Tagliatella had a basic website that did not allow for major improvements. They wanted to redesign and modernize the website to provide a more user-friendly look & feel and needed a new CMS for the job.


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The Challenge

A Lack of User Friendliness

La Tagliatella wanted to transform its digital channels to increase conversions and enhance the customer experience with a new loyalty program. Their previous website had been developed using Drupal and featured integrations with WebView and iframes. They had also developed a new loyalty system in Salesforce & Heroku​ and needed to integrate a new ecommerce solution.

The vision for the new website was sound, but ​La Tagliatella needed a new CMS that enabled them to create content with a WYSIWYG editor. They also needed several other features, including the ability to integrate the reservations API and a system that provided:

  • SEO strategy & full URL customization​
  • Multilingual support​
  • Fully customizable UX based on provided designs​

The ability to distribute content to different platforms was also crucial, as were API aggregation capabilities​, content distribution through auth & corporate auth policies​, content type management​, custom components development​, and integration with third-party systems. Finally, scalability was also a particularly important feature for La Tagliatella's new digital ecosystem in order to shorten the time to market of future developments and functionalities.

The Solution


A Platform that Checks All the Boxes

La Tagliatella turned to Magnolia gold partner INNOCV Solutions to help them upgrade their website. The Spanish digital solutions company are experts in helping companies grow digitally by providing new technological capabilities that directly impact business value creation through new sources of revenue, process optimization, efficiency, cost reduction, and customer experience enhancement.

INNOCV opted for Magnolia’s DXP since it could provide a complete web solution that would be perfectly integrated with the current AmRest ecosystem​. Magnolia offers many of the characteristics that they were looking for in a new platform, including:

  • Customizability:
    Easy to administer to AmRest personnel and to evolve to new feature requests.
  • Traceability:
    Full traceability of user actions &​ interactions.
  • Content Repository:
    The ability to distribute the content through multiple channels, platforms, devices, and operating systems​.
  • Full Integration:
    Integration with ecommerce, ERP, CRM, and others.
  • Attractive Design:
    An utterly native experience and intuitive UX design.

In addition, Magnolia also offered easy integration with third-party solutions such as Google Maps, Google Places, AmRest API (CRM), OneTrust, and Youpay.

The Result


Visual Editing Freedom

Since adopting Magnolia as its Digital Experience Platform, La Tagliatella has been able to modernize its web experience completely. Developers and authors can now reuse components and leverage third-party libraries. They can use technologies they’re already familiar with, like React, to create engaging frontend experiences. That familiarity makes onboarding new team members faster and boosts productivity.

Developers get the benefits of headless architecture without sacrificing the authoring experience for marketers. Marketers have also found the visual SPA editor, in particular, to be quite valuable. It solves long-standing problems and slowdowns in the development process while maintaining an excellent user experience for marketers, content authors, and experience designers.

We believe that the experience with Magnolia is excellent, especially with the SPA visual editor, which offers the possibility of generating applications in a very agile way.

Óscar Bravo

Senior Developer at INNOCV Solutions


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