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Global healthcare company Elekta's old CMS was unable to perform and integrate - Magnolia enabled it to provide a unified web experience, as well as reduce annual costs by $45,000







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Elekta is a healthcare company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company develops sophisticated tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy and radiosurgery, as well as workflow-enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Elekta is a global corporation with around 3,300 employees.

After only four years of use, Elekta’s PHP-based CMS was found to lack the reliability, flexibility and scalability required to run the company’s global corporate website. It was also difficult to incorporate the websites of recent acquisitions. With Magnolia enterprise CMS, Elekta was able to pull all its acquired companies’ websites into the Elekta.com family to provide a unified web experience. Not only did Magnolia prove to be a superior CMS, but it also reduced costs by $45,000 per year.

The Challenge

Providing a unified web experience across multiple languages and brands

After only four years of use, Elekta’s PHP-based CMS just wasn't up to the job of running the company’s global corporate website. It was unreliable and difficult to customize or extend. Elekta had made a number of acquisitions, and it urgently needed to provide a unified web experience across multiple languages and brands.

With so many new products to promote, Elekta needed a CMS that could easily provide every product category with its own landing page, act as an effective entry point, and deliver content tailored to the needs of each visitor. The company could then optimize these pages to target potential visitors and enhance overall search engine rankings.

In addition, the CMS had grown increasingly expensive, due to constant unplanned fixes, on top of locked-in hosting and backup fees. It was time to find a new CMS that would be flexible enough to accommodate future unknown needs and acquired company websites.

The Solution

A flexible and scalable solution

The Elekta IT team drew up an extensive list of feature requirements and began internal tests on a number of CMS solutions, including Joomla, Drupal, and TYPO3. Magnolia came out on top, allowing Elekta to pull all its acquired companies’ websites into the Elekta.com family.

Developers were especially happy with the power of the Magnolia toolset, including the RSS aggregator and data sections. They found Magnolia to be so flexible and scalable that they could satisfy every site modification request from marketing without a problem. The marketing team could finally take control of content.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization was also greatly improved. With so many product categories, there were many possible landing pages, so SEO was key. User-friendly links automatically replaced the old illegible ones, while the system now automatically prompts authors to enter keywords and descriptions, so that no page is left un-optimized. Pages now load faster too, not only enhancing the visitor experience, but also enhancing search engine ranking, since page load time is an indicator of ‘page authority’.

The Result

A unified web presence ready for the future

Magnolia enabled Elekta to bring together all its acquired company websites and create a unified web presence across multiple languages and brands. This enabled the company to create personalized visitor journeys that resulted in increased leads and higher customer engagement. 

Not only did Magnolia prove to be a superior CMS, but it also allowed Elekta to reduce costs by $45,000 per year. Elekta was then able to use some of those savings to recruit new members to their web development team, spurring a virtuous cycle of development.

Because of Magnolia’s scalability, Elekta can easily integrate new sites in the future, meaning that it can grow and strengthen its brand presence.

In the beginning, we didn’t recognize the advantages of Magnolia. Now, it’s hard to imagine how we would have created the site otherwise. The templating kit saved us an enormous amount of time and provided everyone with a unified structure to work to.
Tobias Müller

Tobias Müller

Developer, Global Web & Multimedia, Elekta

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