How Alior Bank boosted online sales with Magnolia

Alior Bank reinvented its website with Magnolia to create personalized and relevant experiences across all devices, thereby increasing mobile traffic by almost 50%, and increasing online loan sales by 42%




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Boosting online sales across all devices

Alior Bank, a Polish universal bank, is a leader in innovation on the local market. In 2015, it launched its new website based on Magnolia. Its main aim was to boost online sales, allowing customers to buy products online using mobile or desktop devices.

The project team improved the site’s usability and design, while also implementing search engine optimization and website statistics tools that enabled the bank to gain new sales opportunities. What’s more, Alior Bank’s marketing team can now create new forms and campaign landing pages in just minutes, without needing the IT department or marketing agency. The launch of the new site resulted in both impressive site statistics and increased sales. 

Why Alior Bank chose Magnolia

Easy to create content

The marketing team can independently create, edit and publish content, using any of over 25 templates.


Alior Bank can provide users with relevant and personalized content based on their previous visits.

Responsive and fresh web design

Alior Bank’s customers get a unified user experience, regardless of device, operating system or Internet browser.

Integration possibilities

The project team could easily extend Magnolia with the external ElasticSearch engine and integrate it with Alior Bank’s systems.

Easy customization

Developers can extend Magnolia according to Alior Bank’s needs.


Magnolia easily adapts to a growing scale of operations and can be implemented in new future projects.


Magnolia’s ease of customization and integration possibilities enabled us to extend Magnolia with new features like an external search engine and integrate it with the bank’s systems. In the future, it will be easy to integrate Alior Bank’s website with any system that they need.

The challenge

Turning the website into a powerful sales tool

Nowadays, as in other industries, a bank’s website is the first step in the sales process. Promoting products in digital channels – on desktop, tablet or mobile – can be much cheaper and more effective than in branches and through other media. Alior Bank's website is visited by an average of 1.7 million users per month, and over 20% of these are first-time visitors. That’s why it’s essential for the website to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and a key driver in the sales process.

Alior Bank’s previous website, designed in 2008, provided a lot of information on products and corporate data, but wasn’t a useful sales tool. Products weren’t easy to find, and the site didn’t display correctly on mobile devices. Alior Bank had a separate “light” version for mobile phones, dating back to the pre-smartphone era. The challenge was to create a completely new experience and sales process, making use of the very latest trends and technologies in web design to create a reinvented site.


The solution

A website with a focus on sales

Alior Bank wanted to create a new customer-friendly website with a strong emphasis on sales. The project was designed and implemented in partnership with Efigence – a company specializing in designing customer experience, delivering and implementing innovative technologies, and providing innovative consulting for banks and financial services.

Bank products and services are now presented by intuitive product pages. Website content and ads are personalized to give visitors relevant information that fits their needs. Alior Bank and Efigence also used Magnolia to create new contact and sales forms which can be multiplied and implemented quickly and easily, without needing IT support.


An intuitive search experience

The site’s main navigation tool, created by Efigence, is a semantic search engine, similar to the most popular search engines. It allows visitors to look for information in an intuitive way, predicting and suggesting words and phrases that guide visitors to relevant search results. Google Chrome mobile users can also voice search, allowing them to search for information in a convenient way when they’re on the move.

Easy to create forms and landing pages

A dedicated landing page template allows Alior Bank to quickly create landing pages, without having to hire external agencies at additional cost. Magnolia’s highly customizable form component allows it to create new forms to collect important data. Depending on the product and client segment, Alior Bank can choose the necessary fields and the way the data is processed.

Targeting visitors throughout the user journey

Magnolia helped Alior Bank to enhance sales in several ways. Dedicated, personalized versions of the same pages displayed to specific target groups of visitors allow Alior Bank to provide relevant information. Statistical tools allow Alior Bank to verify user journeys, find out which pages are visited the most often, and then optimize content and introduce new sales solutions. In addition, new page templates aimed at increasing sales enable rewritten content to be SEO friendly.


The result

Increased web traffic and higher sales

With the new launch, Alior Bank increased the share of mobile traffic on its website by 46%. At the same time, its online loan sales increased by 42% and accounts grew by 24%. Impressively, it also increased mortgage loans by 188%. Organic search traffic increased by 54%. Its products are now among the first search results for the most important banking terms such as account, loan and online account. What’s more,  there was no decrease in Google search results during the launch. The bounce rate decreased significantly from 30% to 10% and the average time spent on the website increased to 5 minutes 30 seconds.


Thanks to Magnolia and its features, our website’s visitors are now more likely to choose our offer because they receive relevant content and personalized information. Instead of showing them the product we want to sell them, we can suggest the product they need, based on their previous visits.