Magnolia's latest release brings more power with hybrid headless

Nov 16, 2017 | 16:05 PM

Magnolia has released 5.6, which offers the tools to keep both developers and marketers working happily.

REST API improvements give even more flexibility to serve content to the front end. Use tags to group similar content items for personalization and targeting. The Stories app makes it enjoyable to create content for any channel.

With the 5.6 release, Magnolia goes beyond the limits of a pure headless CMS and makes headless hybrid. Hybrid headless means combining the integrated user experience and page rendering of a traditional CMS with the clear, structured content and REST delivery of a headless CMS. This gives marketers the ability to create web experiences with live preview, and developers the power to deliver content to any channel.

Developers have more freedom to configure their endpoints with Magnolia 5.6. They can easily use Magnolia as a headless CMS via the flexible, new REST API to serve their existing systems, mobile apps and front-end apps. They have the flexibility to serve both structured content via REST and rendered content using the page-rendering system.
Watch the video on the new REST API

Other improvements in Magnolia 5.6 include: content tags that enable better personalization and targeting, and the Stories app, an authoring interface that provides a great UX and the power to create rich content, while still delivering clean JSON.
Watch the video on content tagging