Three Quarters of IT Teams Don’t Understand Marketing Buzzwords

Sep 3, 2019 | 15:02 PM

* 29% of IT teams say marketers use too many buzzwords
* 21% of IT professionals don’t know what ‘omnichannel’ means
* 24% of IT professionals don’t know what ‘call to action’ means

Over three quarters (77%) of IT teams don’t understand the buzzwords that marketers use, according to new research from leading content management system (CMS) provider, Magnolia.

The Magnolia report, “Straight talking content management” incorporates a survey of over 200 IT professionals and 200 marketers across both the UK and US and garners unique insights into the DX landscape and the attitudes both groups hold in relation to their peers.

It reveals that the emerging field of digital experience (DX) has become swamped with buzzwords and jargon, which has led to a huge disconnect between marketers and IT teams.

The research found that almost a quarter (23%) of IT teams believe that marketers use too many buzzwords, with 21% saying they don’t know what marketers mean when they ask for ‘omnichannel’ content, and 24% saying they don’t know what a ‘call to action’ is online.

Furthermore, with 80% of marketers collaborating with their IT team on a weekly basis—and 46% interacting on a daily basis—it’s crucial that both teams can communicate with one another effectively.

Commenting on the research, Rasmus Skjoldan, CMO at Magnolia said, “In order for brands to create great content, both IT teams and marketers must work together to understand each other’s unique pressures and objectives. Talking in technical jargon and marketing buzzwords isn’t helping, if anything it’s just causing more frustration for both groups.”

“Too many CMS brands add to this problem, expanding rather than bridging the divide. As an industry we need to focus on developing straight-talking solutions that work for everyone across the business—from marketers, to developers, to customers and IT teams. And that’s exactly what we are setting out to do with Magnolia’s CMS.”

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Magnolia has a singular focus on building advanced software for best-of-breed digital experiences. Enterprises such as Avis, Generali, Tesco and the New York Times use Magnolia as a content hub for their web, mobile and DX initiatives.

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This report incorporates data from a study of 100 in-house marketers in the US, 100 in-house marketers in the UK, 100 senior IT decision makers in the US and 100 senior IT professionals in the UK. The study was commissioned by Magnolia and conducted by independent research house Censuswide. The study was completed in June 2019.