Building Modern Ecommerce Experiences With Magnolia

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Sep 24, 2021 | 10:00 AM

Magnolia has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. From our beginnings as a hybrid headless CMS to becoming a digital experience platform (DXP) that connects every aspect of your content and the entire customer experience. Our partners and customers have all contributed, and we’ve come to be recognized among some of the top DXPs in the industry.

As part of our efforts to continue delivering enormous value for our clients, we’ve discovered that we need to do more to help brands navigate the new era of digital commerce. Magnolia is the #1 content platform for ecommerce, and we’re ready to help usher in the new standard of content-driven headless commerce.

This is our value proposition and the core message of our new global campaign Modern Ecommerce Experiences to help brands, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors better understand what Magnolia does.

In the modern ecommerce era, we help companies deliver excellent shopping experiences for their buyers in the fastest way possible through enabling headless composable digital architecture (aka headless commerce). Also, by bringing in content, we can help them leap from transaction-based ecommerce that can become dull and one-dimensional to experience-driven ecommerce that fully engages their customers and transforms them from buyers to promoters.

Your business might want to replatform and engage in digital transformation due to old technologies limiting your speed and agility. Or you may be looking to swap your existing CMS and enrich the ecommerce experience for your customers with content that tells a story. No matter the situation, Magnolia has the answer.

Our flexible and easy-to-use Headless CMS is supported by Connector Packs, as well as our Headless Accelerator framework that enables content, UX, and development teams to work together seamlessly across the entire customer experience.

In combination with best-of-breed ecommerce platforms and highly skilled digital agencies with long-standing ecommerce experience, Magnolia provides all the solutions necessary to deliver the modern ecommerce experience.

About Magnolia

Magnolia is the world’s leading composable Digital Experience Platform, with over 450 enterprise customers, thousands of Community Edition deployments, and more than 200 certified Magnolia Partners around the world.

Founded in Switzerland in 1997, Magnolia puts you first with a business-ready composable DXP that fits your unique digital delivery pipeline and accelerates your business outcomes. With a track record of 100% project success, Magnolia understands that each customer’s use cases are unique. Create a truly composable business by connecting every legacy and headless system. Streamline the way teams work with intelligent workflows and a full array of templates and blueprints. And provide a unified authoring experience that empowers every business user to get fast, personalized experiences live regardless of tech stack—ecommerce, PIM, marketing automation, analytics, or even content from other content management systems.

Magnolia is the composable DXP of choice for leading companies around the world in industries ranging from automotive, insurance, and retail to hospitality, banking, and telecommunications, including American Express, JetBlue, The New York Times, CNN, Sanofi, Sainsbury’s, Generali, and Ping An.

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