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Create truly amazing digital experiences using the frontend technology you love and getting the content flexibility you need.

Fast and Flexible

When developing a website or app, your CMS should not dictate which frontend framework or deployment method to use. By adopting a headless approach, you get to work with cutting-edge technology and presentation-independent content giving you the flexibility to build truly amazing experiences.

But Marketers shouldn’t pay the price for this flexibility by sacrificing usability and visual control, resulting in a backlog of requests to be dealt with by your development team. Magnolia gives you the tools and APIs you need and empowers your marketing team to co-create experiences freeing you up to do the fun stuff.

Go Hybrid-Headless, Launch and Iterate Faster

Work with your favorite framework

Choose the frontend framework you love, such as React, Angular, or Vue while allowing your content authors and marketers to co-create experiences. Use the Jamstack or your architecture of choice to launch faster and have more fun.

Use clean content

Deliver consistent customer experiences on any channel by consuming clean content through APIs. Create custom content types for frequently used data structures with elegant YAML. Query the exact content you need with versatile REST endpoints and GraphQL.

Focus on coding rather than content

Magnolia enables marketers to edit and preview experiences, including SPAs and PWAs, while staying true to the headless principles. The more marketing can do without calling you, the more you can do what you do best.

Create templates and dialogs easily

If you aren’t going 100% headless, you can use Magnolia’s Light Development to create server-rendered page and component templates by merely adding YAML configuration files to your Magnolia instance.

Choose your tech stack

Make best use of your technology by deeply integrating Magnolia with adjacent technologies. nPersonalize experiences with data from your CRM; sync form fills with your marketing automation tool; or pull product information straight from your commerce platform. Even an open source DXP is possible

Get comfortable

With Magnolia you'll be working in your environment of choice - your editor or IDE, your tooling, not another CMS UI. Our CLI & YAML file-based Light Development is git-centric. Your CMS configuration is always checked in.

Integrations Made Easy with Low-code

Whether you start a project from scratch or embark on a digital transformation journey, you will probably want to embed Magnolia in your technology landscape. We offer connector packs and integration frameworks for Commerce, Marketing Automation, Analytics, DAM, and Optimization platforms to facilitate a seamless user experience.

If you want to access content from other systems within Magnolia’s UI, Magnolia Multisource makes content integrations fast and easy.

We’re here to help

Get as much or little help as you want. Our sales and customer success managers, professional services team and our partners will make sure that your Magnolia project will be a success. If you’re running Magnolia as a mission-critical application, we offer support 24/7 and SLAs for a quick response.

Choosing the Best Headless CMS

Many CMSs carry the label headless, but they are far from the same. Magnolia is different from slim headless CMSs, because it functions in two ways: a headless way and a hybrid headless way. Offering all the benefits of a headless CMS, Magnolia offers REST APIs and GraphQL to consume content.

In addition, it incorporates advanced enterprise CMS features that don’t hinder developers, but enable marketers.

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