Agile. Flexible. Rock-solid.

Magnolia CMS gives developers rich and powerful tooling. Develop using Javascript, Java, GroovySpring or just simple text file configuration. Integrate easily using open APIs including REST. Adopt headless, traditional or hybrid architectures. Use any front-end technology you like. And do it all with amazing agility on a rock-solid platform.

Fast and front-end

Create new sites and features in hours or days, instead of weeks and months. Magnolia's approach, called Light Development, builds on modern front-end tools and methods that you already know. Common developer tasks, both front-end and back-end, become extremely fast and easy. No Java needed.

Handle common tasks with a single command. Check out what you can do with Magnolia's command line interface (CLI).


New to Magnolia? Our comprehensive Docs are the perfect place to dig in. Start here for Magnolia On-Premises. Or here for Magnolia Cloud.


Join Magnolia's friendly developer Community. Get tips and tricks from one of many Forums. Have your say - follow and contribute to our Blogs.

Try and Test

Download the free Community Edition. Get full features and support with Magnolia On-Premises. Or discover our newest offering, Magnolia Cloud. See Product Overview, Tech Specs and Try Out

Training and Certification

Keep your Magnolia skills up-to-date. Our expert instructors will support you with all the Training and Certification that you need to stay current. The annual Magnolia Developers Unconference is a great way to catch up with your peers.