Magnolia for developers

Magnolia CMS gives developers rich and powerful tooling. Develop using Javascript, Java, Groovy, Spring or just simple text file configuration. Integrate easily using open APIs including REST. Adopt headless, traditional or hybrid architectures. Use any front-end technology you like. And do it all with amazing agility on a rock-solid platform.

Magnolia 6

Introducing Magnolia 6. Find out how the newest version of our CMS enables both front and backend developers to create great digital experiences.

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Full DX Core Trial

Explore our rich enterprise features by testing Magnolia DX Core for free for thirty days. Get your free trial license.

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Headless & SPA Tutorial

Get up to speed in no time with our new Headless Documentation site. There's a basic tutorial to quickly run through the standard headless features like content types and APIs. The SPA tutorial will show you how to enable content authors to visually edit your SPA!

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Free Community Edition

Download the open source Community Edition of Magnolia CMS for free. 

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New to Magnolia? Our comphrensive docs are the perfect place to get started.



Attend a Magnolia training either in Magnolia website or full-stack development.



Showcase your Magnolia skills by receiving certification as a Magnolia developer.

Connect and contribute

Join Magnolia's friendly developer community: share tips, code and ideas on the Magnolia wiki. Looking for support and updates? Subscribe to one of the community Google Groups.