R+V24 impresses with user-oriented design and editorial flexibility with Magnolia

Together with digital agency Neofonie, R+V24 successfully relaunched with Magnolia after an extensive data migration.









RV24, a leading direct insurer

Competitive car insurance, from liability insurance to fully comprehensive – that's what the name R+V24 stands for. Founded in 2008, R+V24 is an R+V Direktversicherung AG brand and part of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network. 

R+V24's ability to offer attractive services at low prices is its consistent online strategy. Coupled with its impressive price/performance ratio, the company continues to stand out from its competitors, making it one of the ten biggest direct insurers in Germany today. When the existing CMS used on R+V24's website had to be replaced, the company took this as an opportunity to carry out an extensive relaunch. Also, a complete clean-up needed to be implemented while also ensuring easy migration of existing content.


The Challenge


More than just a facelift: A website relaunch with a new CMS, including new design and data migration

For an insurance company that relies 100 percent on digital benefits, everything hinges on a powerful online presence. Among other things, the challenge was to migrate 650 pure text pages, which included over 2,000 files from the old system. Plus, both the frontend and the backend for the background processes had to be fully converted, meaning that the task involved more than just a facelift. R+V24 required a complete revision and clear structuring of the website. The website also needed to be fully responsive, both in design and functionality, since R+V24's customers depend upon a full service around the clock and on any device. 

The company engaged the digital agency Neofonie to redesign rv24.de. Magnolia was chosen to provide a modern CMS as a new infrastructure component. At R+V24, Magnolia replaced the previous Teamsite system, which was no longer being maintained. The relaunch, therefore, was not only concerned with the external appearance but also included data migration.

The Solution


Mobile usability for visitors and flexible content creation for editors

How was the R+V24 website converted to Magnolia? First, Magnolia 6 had to be integrated into the existing system landscape. This involved standardizing various systems and migrating content. 

Mobile usability was just as important as maximum flexibility for the editors, who wanted no technical barriers to impede creativity during content creation. This very aspect is one of the fundamental principles of Magnolia, which were also put into effect in the relaunch of the R+V24 website. Magnolia 6 offered consistent solution strategies in this regard:

  • Reusable modules to make the editor's work easier,

  • Configuration of roles, rights, and workflows in Magnolia,

  • Development and implementation of various templates for product and detail pages, advice articles, help pages, instructions, and videos,

  • Content apps for recyclable content that can be used across different sites, 

  • Page apps for maintaining page content. 


As an open source CMS, what Magnolia offers above all is the advantage of easy usability. With the advanced Magnolia approach, further development of websites is quick and easy, including the creation of special landing pages based on existing content and design elements.

R+V24 also required additional tasks, such as integration of animations and form elements. With Magnolia, it was particularly easy to define four breakpoints for the responsive behavior of the website, according to the requirements of the end device, and the result was impressive – even in terms of browser compatibility.

The Result


A customer-oriented design and convinced editors

The relaunch of rv24.de as a central service and offer portal from the R+V24 insurance company is an example of how Magnolia can make a comprehensive relaunch possible within a short time, even with unforeseen conditions such as a global pandemic.

Magnolia's flexibility is impressive, providing a system that blended seamlessly into the R+V24  project. After a short training course, the editors had all the tools they needed to manage and develop the website.

In addition to the seamless integration of a new CMS and a central point of contact for the insurer's customers, the website was also given a fresh, transparent, and clean design. Users immediately know where they have to click to access the information they are looking for. Also, two additional functions have enhanced customer experience, in particular:

The quick calculator
A special function for all prospective customers looking for a quote for their vehicle in just a few clicks. To achieve this, Neofonie developed a reusable element that can be used on different sites. Content is maintained by the editors.

Optimization of the search function
The new site now has predictive suggestions for searches. The user simply has to type in a few letters, and the search field suggests keywords. This function uses the ElasticSearch module for Magnolia, which was developed by Neofonie. Due to its exceptional flexibility, it can also be used for other clients of R+V.

Magnolia enabled R+V24 to achieve a perfect relaunch. Not only is the end product contemporary, but it also meets all the requirements in terms of marketing and usability. These factors were especially important for a company that's 100 percent dependent on online customer contact. Maintenance and further development costs have also been significantly reduced for R+V24. All in all, it can be classed as a relaunch that impresses customers and editors alike.

We have now been working with the new Magnolia content management system for over four months and are really pleased with the possibilities now at our disposal. At the moment, we are adapting our website for the annual car insurance incentive campaign. Our editors can do this directly with just a few clicks. We now have a system customized to our needs, and with which we can be flexible and continue to grow.
Annette Straßburger

Annette Straßburger

Product Owner


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