Magnolia Adds New Digital Experience Features with Release of 6.1

Jul 8, 2019 | 15:09 PM

Magnolia, one of the world’s leading providers of open-source content management solutions, today announces the launch of Magnolia 6.1, the latest version of its flagship product. The release includes new Connector Packs and features enabling authors to get content to market faster.

“We have long believed in the power of a digital experience platform (DXP) to meet the needs of an omnichannel world. However, for us a DXP is an architecture, not a suite. Our headless content hub enables our clients to assemble a DXP based on their existing, carefully selected digital solutions, as well as an open source dxp platform. The result is a DXP with a unique blend of power and flexibility, avoiding the risks of a single-vendor suite. The skyrocketing implementation times, costs and inflexible architectures of suites are now clear to the market,” says Tim Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Magnolia. “A best-of-breed DXP means being able to choose individual systems that best meet an organization’s unique combination of needs. Magnolia 6.1 streamlines and deepens the integrations across these systems to create a uniquely agile approach to digital experience.”

The latest release includes the following upgrades:

Quick and Easy Integration

Magnolia’s new Connector Packs, created for commerce, analytics, digital asset management, optimization and customer data, enable all the key cross-platform DXP use cases. This allows companies to assemble a best-of-breed digital experience platform with maximum speed and minimal complexity.

Screenshot of website analytics graph

Each connector pack brings a generic integration framework, accelerating time to market, and enabling deep integrations at the level of both data and UI. They also include off-the-shelf connectors to popular products in the category.

Get Authors Going Sooner

Magnolia’s new Content Types feature is the slimmest content definition on the market, giving developers the ability to implement content authoring tools within minutes.

Screenshot of folders with web files

Unlike other CMS’s, the UI can be fully customized to meet specific authoring needs.

Find Content Instantly

Marketers can quickly find and curate content with Magnolia’s new AI-powered Find Bar. The Find Bar provides intelligent suggestions by using machine learning to improve results based on each user search.

Screenshot of search bar and results

Focus on Content

Magnolia’s new, modern, clean, uncluttered UI has been further refined within the product upgrade, placing even more emphasis on content for both marketers and developers.

“Today’s marketers must have an agile and intelligent content hub that can fulfil their specific digital experience strategy. This is the vision for Magnolia 6.1.” says Tim Brown.

While this latest release is designed to meet the needs of marketing organizations and business units, Magnolia continues its heritage as an agile, highly secure platform for custom front-end and Java development, complete with deep integrations and customizations, even as an open source DXP.

For more information about Magnolia and the launch of Magnolia 6.1, please visit or view the release notes.

About Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS is a platform for building best-of-breed digital experiences. Enterprises such as Avis, Generali, Tesco and the New York Times use Magnolia CMS as a central hub for their web, mobile and DX initiatives.

Magnolia is a privately-held company, founded in 1997, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and subsidiaries around the globe. To learn more, please visit: