Creating Better Experiences through A/B/n Testing

Optimize your content’s performance and convert more visitors through Magnolia’s native A/B/n Testing.

Customer centricity puts the customer at the heart of experience design, but how can you tell what your customers really want?

Through experimenting and comparing different variations of a page, A/B testing helps you get to know your users and their preferences better.

With Magnolia’s native A/B/n Testing, you can create, run and analyze A/B/n tests in the same user interface you use to create and manage digital experiences, allowing you to gain more insight into what users like, and bring more clarity to your digital campaigns.


Optimize content performance

What if you changed your images for videos, sharpened your messaging copy, or used a stronger call to action? Easily test your ideas to learn which content converts more visitors into customers.

Launch faster

Instead of creating only one page variant and putting all your eggs in one basket you can launch multiple variants, knowing that A/B testing will identify the best one. So, cut your debates short and let an A/B test decide.

Test more, win more

Because you can conveniently set up A/B/n tests in the same interface you use to create your pages, running a test will quickly become second nature. And with every test you run, you learn more about your customers.

Magnolia A/B/n Testing

Watch a short video to see how A/B/n Testing works in Magnolia.

Marketers gain confidence in delivering customers’ preferred experiences when they have data that supports the decision. After all, test results are numerical proof that customers prefer one experience over another.

James Meyers

Gartner Principal Research Analyst

A/B/n Testing simplified

Magnolia A/B/n Testing allows you to scientifically optimize your digital experiences and increase conversion. Download our product brief for a summary of functionality and benefits.


A/B/n Testing Capabilities

A single UI

Manage content and optimization in one place.

Multiple variants

Set up two or more variants to test which one converts better.


Test broadly or limit a test to one or more customer segments.

Traffic allocation

Choose a percentage of visitors to include in your test.

Test analytics

Define metrics and review test results to identify the winning variant.

Content management

Roll out the winning variant to 100% of your traffic and discard all others.

Learning more

Do you want to learn more about A/B/n testing and how it can help you?

Our white paper provides an introduction to A/B/n testing, compares Magnolia’s native functionality to 3rd-party alternatives, and explains how A/B/n Testing is done in Magnolia.

It also gives you several test ideas to get started.

Get Magnolia A/B/n Testing

Run and analyze A/B tests in the same user interface you use to create and manage digital experiences and gain reliable insights into user preferences for a better customer experience and higher conversion.

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