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Magnolia NOW is an agile, enterprise-grade CMS delivered as a convenient cloud-based service. Built on top of Magnolia CORE, NOW allows you to build and launch new enterprise projects in just days or weeks – even without devops or IT support. NOW includes support and hosting, and provides a rich feature set that includes easy authoring, rapid development and continuous delivery.


Launch new projects in days

Take new campaigns and even entire sites from creative to online in just hours or days.


Minimal IT requirements

NOW runs on expert-managed, enterprise-grade infrastructure. Manage security updates, backups and feature releases with easy graphical tools.


Easy authoring

Authors can be immediately productive without training. Edit pages, personalize content and more using friendly web-based apps.


Lower TCO and capital expenditure

Pay for just the service you need and reduce your IT overhead. Reduce infrastructure complexity and risk while improving service.


Rapid development

Based on proven and well-known web technologies, our development tools are easy to learn and help developers be highly productive.


Rock-solid & worry-free

NOW is based on Magnolia CORE, our rock-solid enterprise CMS. Trusted by hundreds of enterprises, it’s reliable – even under heavy load.

An agile workflow for website managers




A developer starts work on a feature request.



The developer tests his work in a separate integration environment. This protects your live site from development errors and allows multiple developers to safely work at the same time.



When the developer is satisfied, he sends his work to a separate acceptance testing environment. You can then review and test his work with a copy of the live website content. This protects your live site from development errors and allows multiple people to easily test new features.



If the work meets your requirements, then you can push the changes to your live website.

Release new features, faster

Magnolia NOW’s built-in development workflow helps you get high-quality features faster.


  • Safely test with copies of your live content
  • Streamlined workflow gives better quality but doesn’t get in the way
  • Release features any time without needing IT support or release windows
  • Keep multiple developers and distributed teams in sync

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