The State of CMS in the Financial Sector

The financial marketer’s guide to content management systems

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About the guide

The financial Marketer’s Guide to Web Content Management 

Whether on mobile, in-app or online, today’s customers expect the very best digital experiences. For financial brands, this can present a real challenge. With centralised processes, strict IT and compliance policies, and a vital need to put customer security first, it’s easy for financial sector brands to neglect their digital experiences.

When building a strong — and secure — experience for customers, your content management system plays a vital role. But how do you know you’ve selected the right CMS?

Magnolia’s new "State of CMS in the Financial Sector" report, looks to guide you through this decision. By offering an in-depth review of what other financial sector brands look for in a CMS, this guide provides a benchmark against which to compare your own digital experiences.


Selecting the best CMS for financial brands

Calling on data from marketing and IT professionals across the financial sector, Magnolia’s "State of CMS in the Financial Sector" guide will help you understand:

  • How the world’s financial brands are using their CMS
  • What the key challenges are when selecting a CMS
  • What financial brands should look for in a new CMS
  • Why Barclays, American Express, Alior Bank and more trust Magnolia’s CMS