Optimize Your Content with Magnolia’s Personalization Capabilities

Thursday 14th July 2022 - 3pm BST

Learn best practices on how Magnolia's personalization capabilities help organisations deliver hyper-relevant content and individualise every visitor's experience.

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About the Session

We will show you how Magnolia's personalization capabilities make it easy to adapt content to the visitor based on their preferences, needs, and interests. 

You will see what's available out-of-the-box, plus learn how to preview the experience you are creating as your audience will see it with the ability to develop trait-based personas.

Join our Senior Solution Architect Chris Jennings for a demo of Magnolia's Personalization and insights into best practices you can introduce today.

small-Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings

Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia

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Learn about:

  • How to easily personalize pages and components even in a headless environment
  • How to preview personalized experiences in context and based on how your audience will see them with the ability to create trait-based personas
  • Short business user and technical demo under the hood of Magnolia's personalization capabilities
  • The tools available to help experiment and optimize, such as a/b testing, third-party app integrations, and much more!