commercetools and Magnolia

The ideal combination for agile omnichannel commerce

Integrate your CMS and shop system quickly and easily

Magnolia's easy-to-use authoring tools make it simple to create and manage engaging, personalized content. A ready-built connector integrates with commercetools, a shop system with the modules you need to ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

Buzzword bingo to up your e-commerce game

Go behind the buzzwords and learn why they matter in e-commerce.

Magnolia and commercetools present three snapshots on personalization, omnichannel and headless, and give you concrete examples on what you can achieve with them.

The fusion of content and commerce

commercetools and Magnolia combine expertise in this white paper on creating digital experiences for tomorrow's customers.

Learn about the necessary steps for implementing a sustainable content commerce strategy and get advice on a suitable integration approach.

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Commerce that's fast-moving and omnichannel

The quest for omnichannel—we help iron out your toughest challenges. 


Agility and speed

The digital world demands that you can launch fast and change direction quickly. Magnolia enables marketing teams to set up microsites, landing pages and teasers within minutes. 

With commercetools' microservices structure you can flexibly integrate and scale commerce modules, giving your online stores a faster time-to-market.

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Omnichannel experiences for multiple brands

Connect your entire digital presence to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences.

Magnolia is built to manage multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experiences from a single platform. commercetools gives you ready access to all commerce data and processes, such as products and orders. 


Flexible and scalable with headless

Headless and REST APIs are the cornerstone for omnichannel commerce. With Magnolia, you can go headless without compromising on functionality. 

commercetools' API-first approach provides back-end e-commerce functions for use with all imaginable data producers and consumers via a generic API, giving you the flexibility to scale to new technologies.

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More about commercetools

commercetools logo Magnolia partner

The commerce platform for the Post-Web era

commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud native solution. It reduces complexity, increases both flexibility and speed for brands and retailers and prepares them for the post-web era.

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