Music Tribe + Magnolia

“Initially, we wanted 50% of our users to manage content in the CMS on their own, but now we’re at 90%.”

- Jessie Biros, Face Web Leader, Music Tribe






Use case

Multi-brand website, MDM integration

Through their audio and music products, Music Tribe empowers artists to become the most creative they can be. Content is key to creating great digital interactions with the Music Tribe brands, and to rolling out impeccable product launches.  

Anything from marketing copy, to technical specifications, downloadables, images, banners, and legal copy is assembled by different teams that handle specific types of content. 

So Music Tribe needed a solution that was easily customizable, would seamlessly integrate with 3rd-party systems such as Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM), and would fully empower business stakeholders to manage content and create experiences with minimal developer support. 

Magnolia enabled Music Tribe to achieve these goals and more. Initially aiming to have at least 50% of the stakeholders manage content in the CMS on their own, Music Tribe were able to achieve 90% for this metric. The remaining 10% require technical help due to the complexity of the content to be uploaded and maintained. The performance of the Music Tribe websites significantly improved with load times below target SLAs and without headaches even during peak hours. 

With the help of Magnolia, Music Tribe reduced the business’ dependency on IT, freed up developers to focus on more strategic projects, and topped performance of all its brand websites. Now that’s empowerment!  

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