Full-Stack Magnolia Developer Training

Become familiar with Magnolia in-and-out with this module-based course.

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This course provides the full picture of Magnolia development from templating/frontend to the backend world. Participants will gain knowledge in all relevant development fields to do a full project with Magnolia.

You will gain core knowledge of Magnolia and be able to start a project. Part of the four-day training session includes working on a custom training project with the current product version, hands-on exercises in templating and tweaking your website.

This course does not require any prior Magnolia knowledge. However, we highly recommend that participants have experience in Java or any other Object Oriented Programming.

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January 13-16
February 10-13
March 16-19
April 20-23
May 11-14
June 08-11
July 20-23
August 17-20
September 14-17
October 12-15
November 09-12
December 07-10


Schedule: 4 days
Pricing: CHF 2,800- (excl. VAT)


Magnolia International Ltd.
Oslo-Strasse 2
4142 Münchenstein (Basel)


North America, Spain, Latin America and Asia Pacific
Upon request.


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Our trainers are always ready to travel to your site.
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Goals and topics

At the end of the training, attendees will have fully working light modules, a real-life website with standard templates, navigation and inheritance, a Content App as well as a custom Vaadin App.


Day 1
Base Concepts, Architecture

Day 2
Basic Templating, Website Templating

Day 3
Content Apps, AdminCentral Development

Day 4
App and Vaadin Development, Advanced Topics e.g. Cache



✓ Backend developers
✓Java/Object-oriented programming
✓ Administrative privileges in the machine
✓ WiFi-enabled machine