Education and training

Magnolia's education and training program ensures that developers can efficiently and confidently start working with Magnolia. Magnolia offers two learning paths: instructor-led training conducted by Magnolia experts or, for those who prefer learning at their own pace, free online modules through the Magnolia Academy.


Instructor-led training

For companies, the best way to ensure that developers are project ready is to enroll them on a Magnolia instructor-led training course. Courses are available in the global Magnolia offices or at a customer on-site location (available on request).

As a developer, being taught with hands-on exercises and direct supervision by Magnolia's trainers is the most effective way to learn. Instructor-led training courses are the perfect opportunity to ask experts questions about your specific requirements.


General developer training course

Magnolia Developer Training

The Magnolia Developer Training covers the basics and fundamentals about Magnolia that are essential to being able to start a project. All attendees will work on a custom training project with the current product version.

This training does not build upon any Magnolia knowledge so absolute beginners are welcome to attend the training.

Attending the Magnolia Developer Training increases the probability of passing the Associate Developer Certification exam.

Prerequisite: Java programming experience

Coverage: Base Concepts, Templating Basics, Website Templating, Content Apps, Magnolia UX and Vaadin, Advanced Topics

When time permits, advanced topics will be introduced.

Fee: 4 days, CHF2800 - (Excl. VAT)

Inclusive: Associate Developer Certification Exam

Software requirements: Eclipse IDE

Front-end developer training courses

Front-End Training

Magnolia's Front-End Training aims to impart knowledge and skills to attendees for them to become proficient in Magnolia's new configuration approach, also known as Light Development or referred to as “config by file”, where front-end developers work on the file system and use technologies that they already know to define templates.

The results of the training are fully working light modules.

Prerequisite: Front-end orientation with good HTML and CSS skills

Targets: Front-end developers with basic knowledge of Magnolia

Coverage: Authors World, Templating Basics, npm-CLI Tool, Advanced Templating, Site Development and Content Apps

Fee: 3 days, CHF2400 - (Excl. VAT)

Software requirements: Text editor

Front-End Advanced Training

Magnolia's Front-End Advanced Training aims to teach attendees how to integrate frameworks such as Angular, React and Bootstrap in Magnolia. Front-end developers will be introduced to REST endpoints which is ideal to be used for headless CMS.

Prerequisite: Magnolia Front-End Training or experience in Magnolia Light Development

Targets: Front-end developers

Fee: 2 days, CHF1900 - (Excl. VAT)

Software requirements: Text editor


Class size and times

Places are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Magnolia offices: 3 to 6 attendees per course
  • Client site: 5 attendees per trainer
  • Time: 9 AM to 5 PM with a one hour lunch break


The lectures are conducted in English.

Clients who need training in a local language must supply their own translation service.


General requirements

Software is supplied by Magnolia for training purposes only. Magnolia runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

  • Wi-Fi enabled laptops
  • Sufficient rights to install software
  • Magnolia bundle

Magnolia Academy

Coming soon

Magnolia Academy* is a free online education resource where new and experienced developers alike can study anytime and anywhere, eliminating travel costs with the freedom to control the pace of learning.

Magnolia Academy is being designed and documented by Magnolia Experts.

The all new and improved Magnolia Academy is on its way. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, please check out Magnolia Documentation for online help or post at Magnolia Community forum to discuss issues with fellow Magnolia developers.

*Magnolia Academy is still accessible to the public, but please be informed that the current release is not being maintained and will end its lifecycle right after the launch of the new version.

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