Magnolia Professional Developer Certification

This certificate is awarded after a half-day project-based skills assessment conducted by a qualified Magnolia expert to a developer who has vast and long years of experience working and developing projects in Magnolia.


Targets of the certificate

This certification is aimed at developers with vast experience working and developing projects with Magnolia using the latest technologies and development methodologies.

The assessment consists of a developer’s project presentation followed by an oral examination to prove in-depth knowledge and expertise working with Magnolia, including underlying technologies and development methodologies

Acquiring the certificate guarantees that the developer has substantial experience developing in Magnolia and can work in large and complex projects.

Competence requirements

  • Solid understanding of Magnolia DX Core / Enterprise
  • Attended the Full-Stack Magnolia Developer training course within the past 2 years
  • Holder of the Associate Developer Certificate not older than 2 years
  • Must have done at least one project in a supported Magnolia release that is/are still live

Technical requirements

To take the exam, you will only need:

  • internet access,
  • a browser
  • and an exam token.

Exam grading

Magnolia uses cumulative grading when calculating the total points garnered by the developer during the Q&A sessions. There will only be two marks after the evaluation: pass or fail.

The maximum number of points that one can garner from all fields of questioning is 160 points. The threshold for passing the exam is 120 points or a passing rate of 75%.

Exam delivery

The half-day assessment will take place remotely.

You will know your result in the awarding phase. If you pass and agree to be included in the Magnolia online certification listing, you will receive a separate email from a Magnolia representative with a copy of your certificate in PDF and a unique URL to your online record.

Cost of the exam

The cost for the half-day assessment is CHF 890 excluding Swiss VAT. A yearly certificate renewal costs CHF 90 excluding Swiss VAT. There is no need to schedule an assessment for the certificate renewal. These prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.

There is no fixed monthly or yearly schedule. Contact us to apply for an assessment.


Certificate and badging system

Being a Certified Magnolia Professional recognizes what you as a developer can achieve in the Magnolia Certification Program. It comes with a certificate and a badge that can be included in your CVs and social media accounts. It is also a professional asset that the developer keeps regardless of employment. Additionally, if you agree to the terms, you will be added to Magnolia’s online certification listing with a personal URL to the online badge.

For partners, it serves as a differentiator from other Magnolia partners and competitors, proving the capability to deliver top-quality projects, and guaranteeing quality projects with Magnolia. Finally, having Certified Magnolia Professional developers is highly appreciated by prospects and customers.