Magnolia Front-end Developer certification

This first-level front-end certification confirms that you are proficient in Magnolia light development and can develop fully working light modules and work on small to medium-sized Magnolia projects.


Targets of the certificate

This certification is intended for developers who ideally have:

  • Completed the Magnolia for Front-end Developers course in the Magnolia Academy (formerly known as the Magnolia Website Developer training)
  • Worked on Magnolia projects using light development
  • Been employed by partners

We highly recommend completing Magnolia for Front-end Developers course first for better passing results.

Knowledge requirements

  • Front-end knowledge
  • Expert knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Sufficient light development knowledge, ideally with project experience

Technical requirements

To take the exam, you will only need:

  • internet access,
  • a browser
  • and an exam token.

Exam grading

The exam consists of 50 random questions with a passing rate of 80% of the total number of questions. The set of questions are randomly chosen from a content pool in different categories:

  • General knowledge
  • Project setup
  • Apps, Admin central, UX
  • Templating
  • Site development
  • Content apps
  • Miscellaneous

Exam delivery

The exam is online and unsupervised. A token is used to access the exam, and each token is assigned to a registered developer. Since the exam is unsupervised, we trust that you’ll go through the exam yourself and independently. You are given 50 minutes to finish the exam.

Exam results:

You will get your results right away after completing the exam. If you pass and agree to be included in the Magnolia online certification listing, you will receive a separate email from a Magnolia representative with a copy of your certificate in PDF and a unique URL to your online record.

Cost of the exam

An exam token costs CHF 270 (incl. VAT) and can be bought directly from our online shop. The price may vary due to currency fluctuations.

The certificate is valid for only 2 years. Once your certificate expires, you are invited to attend a refresher course and take the exam in the latest version of Magnolia.


Certificate and badging system

Being a Certified Magnolia Front-end Developer recognizes what you as a developer can achieve in the Magnolia Certification Program. It comes with a certificate and a badge that can be included in your CVs and social media accounts. It is also a professional asset that the developer keeps regardless of employment. Additionally, if you agree to the terms, you will be added to Magnolia’s online certification listing with a personal URL to the online badge.

For partners, it serves as a differentiator from other Magnolia partners and competitors, proving the capability to deliver top-quality projects, and guaranteeing quality projects with Magnolia. Finally, having Certified Magnolia Front-end developers is highly appreciated by prospects and customers.