Magnolia Cloud CMS

Highly-optimized Magnolia instances in the cloud together with the tooling, services and hosting you need to deliver great experiences rapidly.

Just focus on business with a cloud CMS

What is Magnolia Cloud

Magnolia Cloud is a secure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides you the tooling, environments, services, and hosting needed to deliver great customer experiences and innovate at the pace of business. 

With Magnolia Cloud, you can focus on building your digital experiences. The heavy lifting of managing the technology stack and platform is handled by our team of experts.

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Cloud CMS lets you launch experiences faster

Speed to market

Launch new brands, new sites and new experiences in days or weeks. Let your teams spend their time creating real business value, instead of waiting for infrastructure setup or platform management.

Accelerate the release of new features using built-in continuous integration and delivery. Streamline deployment and testing with tools and best practices from Magnolia’s extensive experience, including live-content testing.

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Peace of mind with a robust, always up-to-date platform in the cloud

Upgrades and security

Benefit from free push-button upgrades. Get cutting-edge features from the newest Magnolia releases included in the price of the subscription. 

You also get:

  • real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • manual and automated backup of your live environment
  • one-click restore
  • up to 24/7/365 global support.
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Invest in cloud CMS for better ROI

Investment and returns

Reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX), lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and free up cash to invest in those parts of your business that bring the highest returns

Forget about the need to deal with redundancy requirements and to make large up-front investments in infrastructure, development operations and support.

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4 steps for moving your CMS to the cloud

1. Test first with small, discrete projects

If you would like to test out the benefits of a cloud cms, you can do this quickly and easily with a small project. No need to start with a large migration of all your content.

Do you have a marketing campaign microsite that you need to get up and running at short notice? This is a great use case for trying out a cloud cms. Cloud is ideal for companies or digital agencies who want to launch fast, or be able to change things quickly.

2. Get to know the cloud environment

Get hands-on and start to familiarize yourself with how the Magnolia Cloud CMS environment works.

In Magnolia Cloud you work with a graphical UI, using live content. Users access a clickable user interface, within a graphical cockpit. Copy and test with real content from live and test environments. Editors can test their content out-of-the-box.

3. Shift to a front-end development focus

Magnolia’s approach to front-end development makes key CMS development tasks fast, easy and available via text files.

A cloud CMS is ideal if you do not need heavy back-end customizations, e.g. for new projects that you can do from scratch with front-end development. Focusing on front-end can save you costs and speed up development time.

4. Find ways to migrate custom back-end modules

Think about your approach to existing back-end customizations: what's really needed? Can you use the newest out-of-the-box features instead of customized ones? Or move Java modules to external or connected services? 

With a standard cloud deployment instead of customized modules, updates are not necessary and you would always be on the latest version of your cloud CMS.

How to get the most out of your CMS deployment on AWS

Cloud CMS for your enterprise

Explore the business case and technology for deploying a CMS in the cloud, using Magnolia CMS on AWS as our case study. Discover how Amazon Web Services infrastructure can save costs and improve the visitor experience

We will also cover technical areas such as deployment automation, auto-healing and auto-scaling for high-availability, high-traffic infrastructure. While focused on Magnolia, many lessons can be applied to other enterprise CMS deployments.

Watch our webinar on cloud deployment with experts from Amazon Web Services and our partner Priocept.

What's included in your cloud package?

Complete platform including development, testing and delivery workflows.

Modern features for effective content management and the creation of rich personalized and optimized customer experiences.

Full front-end customizability using the modern technologies of your choice.

Flexible, frontend-friendly architecture that supports headless, headed, and hybrid scenarios.

Best practices for website deployment, with live-content testing.

Support for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

Integration, UAT and live environments out-of-the-box.

Up to 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance and support.

Automated back-up and disaster recovery.

Newest features readily available with easy upgrade.

Magnolia delivers timely publishing, a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, connectivity to core business systems and a level of support that suits Swiss Re’s needs.

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