Magnolia Cloud

Highly-optimized Magnolia instances in the cloud together with the tooling, services and hosting you need to deliver great experiences rapidly.

Highlighted benefits

Platform as a service

Complete platform including development, testing and delivery workflows. Integration, UAT and live environments out-of-the-box. Best practices for website deployment, with live-content testing.

Continuous delivery

Accelerate the release of new features using built-in CI/CD. Streamline deployment and testing with tools and best practices from our extensive experience, including live-content testing.

Powerful features

Modern features for content management and the creation of rich personalized and optimized customer experiences. Full frontend customizability using the technologies of choice.

Hassle-free upgrades

Benefit from free push-button upgrades and stay always on top. Get cutting-edge features from the newest Magnolia releases included in the price of the subscription.


Get real time monitoring and troubleshooting, manual and automated backup of your live environment, one-click restore, and up to 24/7/365 global support.

Better return on investment

Forget about the need to deal with redundancy requirements and to make large up-front investments in infrastructure, development operations and support.


Cloud Feature Catalog

Magnolia Cloud is the optimal solution for enterprises to deploy and manage Magnolia CMS in the cloud .Download our feature catalog and get an overview of the benefits, features and deployment strategies with Magnolia Cloud.

Four steps for moving your CMS to the cloud

1 Test with small projects

If you would like to test out the benefits of a cloud CMS, you can do this quickly and easily with a small project. No need to start with a large migration of all your content. Do you have a marketing campaign microsite that you need to get up and running at short notice? This is a great use case for trying out a cloud CMS.

2 Learn the environment

Get hands-on and start to familiarize yourself with how the Magnolia Cloud CMS environment works. In Magnolia Cloud you work with a graphical UI, using live content. Users access a clickable user interface, within a graphical cockpit. Copy and test with real content from live and test environments. Editors can test their content out-of-the-box.

3 Shift to frontend

Magnolia’s approach to frontend development makes key CMS development tasks fast, easy and available via text files. A cloud CMS is ideal if you do not need heavy backend customizations, e.g. for new projects that you can do from scratch with frontend development. Focusing on frontend can save you costs and speed up development time.

4 Migrate custom backend

Think about your approach to existing backend customizations: what's really needed? Can you use the newest out-of-the-box features instead of customized ones? Or move Java modules to external or connected services? With a standard cloud deployment instead of customized modules, updates are not necessary and you would always be on the latest version of your cloud CMS.

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