Cloud and Self-Hosted Deployment

Choose Magnolia’s Platform-as-a-Service for fast and easy deployment or host your own installation anywhere for maximum flexibility.

Magnolia Cloud Benefits

Fast and easy deployment

Leverage Magnolia’s Platform-as-a-Service including our development, testing and delivery workflows. Integration, UAT and live environments come out of the box.

Continuous delivery

Accelerate the release of new features using built-in CI/CD. Streamline deployment and testing with tools and best practices from our extensive experience, including live-content testing.

Great customer experiences

Manage your content and digital experiences in one place to create rich personalized and optimized customer journeys with your front-end framework of choice.

Hassle-free upgrades

Always get the latest and greatest features by upgrading to the latest version of Magnolia with the push of a button. Don’t pay extra. Upgrades are included in the price of your subscription.

Reliable infrastructure

Manage your cloud environment using our cloud cockpit which offers real-time monitoring, logging, software upgrades, and backup and recovery.

Return on investment

Save money on infrastructure, operations, and support by running and managing your environment on our cloud infrastructure.

Magnolia Cloud Features

Magnolia Cloud is the optimal solution for enterprises to deploy and manage Magnolia in the cloud. Download our feature catalog for an overview of the benefits, features and deployment strategies.

Magnolia Cloud Instances

A Magnolia Cloud deployment comprises an integration, a testing, and a production environment. Each environment has an author and a public instance. The production environment has two public instances that are accessed via a load balancer.

The Cloud Cockpit is Magnolia’s self-service portal to manage and monitor the cloud environments.

Magnolia Self-hosted

Magnolia is available as a software bundle certified for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This allows you to install it anywhere–on your computer, in your data center, or on your preferred cloud platform.

Containerization with Magnolia

Do you prefer to deploy Magnolia as a Docker container in your environment? In our white paper we share best practices helping you choose the right components for your Magnolia container, configure your container to start up automatically, containerize your content, and synchronize content across instances.

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Whitepaper Cloud
Cloud Deployment

Download these free blueprints on how to deploy Magnolia CMS in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud services.

Cloud Deployment
Low-code Development

Simplify and speed up development with Magnolia using file-based configuration.

Low-code Development
Building DX

Create truly amazing digital experiences using the frontend technology you love and getting the content flexibility you need.

For Developers
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Experience all that Magnolia has to offer with our enterprise-grade DX Core trial: multi-site, multi-source, personalization, tagging, workflows and more.

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