Neofonie is a leading IT-full-service provider for digital business solutions - from consulting, conception, design and development through to operation.

No matter if web- or mobile-based, we provide an individual cross-channel and cross-platform development, which is tailored to your specific need. With the development of the first German search engine, "Fireball", a success story began for Neofonie 16 years ago. So far in more than 500 projects our 180 employees in Berlin and Hamburg developed Next Generation-Solutions for clients such as eBay, mobile.de, kalaydo.de, Wort & Bild Verlag, Süddeutsche Zeitung, WELT, FAZ, whitewall.de, Yapital/Otto, Leica, Olympus, alltours, TUI and OLIMAR. Neofonie built and maintains the Elasticsearch extension for Magnolia, which allows for complex field searches with editorial influence options and is nowadays used by numerous Magnolia customers.

Together with our subsidiary, Neofonie Mobile, rankings place us among the top 20 e-commerce and top 10 mobile providers in Germany.


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