gateB is a consultancy in marketing analytics, campaign management, and marketing operations. Using cutting-edge software and strategy, we enhance the marketing efficiency and effectiveness of leading national and international brands. Founded in 2009 in Steinhausen, Switzerland, we currently employ over 70 consultants, software developers, and data scientists across our four branches: Steinhausen, Los Angeles, Milan, and Singapore. Our clients include Audi, Bayer, Credit Suisse, Greenpeace, Oerlikon, Migros, Qualcomm, Starwood Hotels Resorts, and Zurich.

We specialize in implementing state-of-the-art marketing portals – containing the branding guidelines as well as all the marketing- and sales-related assets – and have already done so for companies like Volvo, Zurich, Migros, Raiffeisen, or AMAG. With BrandMaker, we are integrating an enterprise media asset management and web-to-print system into Magnolia. This expertise allowed us to develop BrandBlocks. BrandBlocks is a standardized approach, having the advantages that it can be implemented with little effort and is easy to maintain and update. By integrating all features and components from our previous projects, we thus have developed a comprehensive web portal that can be adapted to any customer’s needs and requirements regarding functionality and design.


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